Those who visit the blog often have probably noticed that there has been a lot of trouble lately, and that the site has been completely closed for a few days now. Here’s why, a total make-over of the entire page. Welcome to the new Shoegazing, with a lot of news.

I’ve wanted to redo the page for a long time, but since I run the blog on the side of a regular full time job, and also take care of this kind of remake on my own (with in some cases a little help from a neighbor who knows coding), it’s a painstaking project. Now it’s finally done, just some minor fixes left. What I wanted to do is a more content friendly site where you more easily can navigate among all the posts I’ve published (especially important on the Swedish version of the site, which has more than 405 articles), and among all the hopefully hundred posts that will be published in the future. It has been relatively difficult to get an overview of the content. I have been inspired by blogs/websites like Fratello Watches, Manolo, Permanent Style plus many more. Here is a summary of the news on the site:

  • Instead of just one page which gathered a number of selected popular posts a little questionably sorted one can now find posts in a (hopefully) much simpler way. There are as apparent three categories in the menu: Topics, Article types and Brands. Under the first two, there is a page that collects a number of popular posts with a clear categorization, and you can also through that page or the submenu proceed to browse through all posts about the topic/the article type you selected. There the articles are placed in chronological order. On the page for Brands, you can locate all posts involving a manufacturer or retail store, here in alphabetical order.

A new feature is the collection of all brands and stores that in some extent figured once or several times in articles on the blog, where one can find everything related to it.

  • It’s all based on tagging of the posts, and I’ve been going through all articles and tagged them with what they contain. In the bottom of each post you will find the different tags that apply for the post, and you can easily click through to others in the same subject.
  • The appearance is also new, obviously, with a theme that will hopefully be experienced little cleaner and clearer even though it’s in many ways are more content on the page now.
  • The size and quality of the images on the page, especially those who are at the top of each post, is now better instead of the compression that was on them at the last page.
  • You now see if there has been any comments on a post directly in the blog feed, without having to enter the article.

There are still some things that doesn’t work properly, like that in some browsers for some reason you have to click twice on the top menu links before it works and the top menu does not follow when you scroll down, the a bit pale grey-blue main theme colour should be changed to the same dark red as before, and so on, but hopefully I’ll manage to figure out how to solve these things in the not too distant future.

The English version of Shoegazing was launched last fall, but this the second major redesign of Shoegazing since its inception in 2012, when it was only written in Swedish. First the page was on Blogger, in 2013 I moved it to WordPress and updated the look, the new now is still on WordPress but with a new theme and witha new set-up for the content.  However, as usual, it’s the blog feed that’s in focus,it’s what drives the site. I’m thankful for all feedback, praise and constructive criticism on the new Shoegazing, and if you find any errors and so on. Post a comment or send an email to

Here’s how the first version of Shoegazing looked (it was a logo on top though, not this text).

If anyone already had forgotten, this is how it looked previously (Swedish version).

This was the first of two major news related to Shoegazing commencing this year. Quite soon it’s time for the next…