More and more patina services are offered around the world, due to the increasing demand and growing interest. Last week the Swede Michael Håkansson inaugurated his new workshop for his project Magic Mike Patina, and is now accepting orders for all kinds of small and large patina jobs. Also about the fact that Skoaktiebolaget will waive the MTO fee for John Lobb Paris during a trunk show they have February 22-25.


Michael Håkansson painting a pair of John Lobb penny loafers.

I myself have followed Michael Håkansson’s journey into shoe nerd world. I met him for the first time in autumn 2015 when I was held a shoe event in a haberdasher Gothenburg, Sweden. He had just started to work extra in the store, and had recently acquired his first quality shoes. He asked lots of questions and were very interested. Pretty soon, he showcased a pair of boots in grain leather which he had painted himself, and with input from, among others, Niklas Nordin (who wrote patina guide here on Shoegazing, Swedish only at the moment), he tried to learn more and more about the art of painting shoes. Michael has a background in the motorcycle world, where he worked with renovating and building motorcycles, among other things, he designed the painting and broke the colors, the latter gave him some knowledge that he had advantage of also when painting shoes. During the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm in September he painted live under the then newly started concept Magic Mike Patina, and now nearly one and half years later, he has his own studio outside of Gothenburg. He has developed rapidly and is already at a good level with his work.

Very fine patina on a pair of wholecuts.

Shoe polishing table and display shelf.

Painting table.

The webshop Skolyx has some operations in premises and it is through them that Michael Håkansson came out here. In one room, he squeezed in three workplaces, one for painting, one for shoe shining and one office space, plus a shelf with shoes. It holds both finished projects he made for himself and for others, plus several shoes he’s going to start painting or that are being worked with. Since the super trunk and the start of his Instagram account, he has begun to get some work from both Sweden and abroad, and now with the new workshop he has even better opportunities to receive and execute patina jobs. The price is about €110 (1000 SEK, may cost more if it is a very advanced painting demanded) and since he just do this part time there can be some waiting time, but according to those I’ve talked to who submitted shoes it has definitely been worth it. If you want to discuss an order send an email to

Subtle patina with much shine.

Painted sole.

Large cans with paint…

…small cans of paint.

A mottled finish will it be on these penny loafers.

Shoe Trees with logo on.

Balmoral in two shades of blue.

Adelaide who also is a little more subtle in its patina.





As I wrote about recently the store Skoaktiebolaget is now selling John Lobb Paris, and when the first trunk show takes place between 22-25 February they are waiving the MTO fee of €165 (1 500 SEK) also for online orders. Might be a good time to place an order if you’re after something special or need narrow or wide widths etc.

There’s many options available in John Lobb’s MTO programs. Picture: John Lobb Paris