The English brand Crockett & Jones is one of the more well established brands when it comes to classic shoes. Tonight they launched a brand new website that provides an excellent overview of their entire range, contains a lot of information about their shoes and the manufacturing, and also have some interesting features such as a guide to help you easily find the right model.


Landing page of the new site.

We can begin by stating that Crockett & Jones, contrary to many others, still do not have a regular online shop. However they provide a so-called Mail Order service, which basically means that you over email can place an order on virtually the entire range of the brand and get the shoes sent to you. It’s done from their regular brick and mortar stores in the UK, France or Belgium. The downside is of course that it’s a bit more complicated process, the advantage is that you get a personal contact who can help with any questions you also may have, and that in many ways you have access to an even better range of styles and sizes since there are several stores stock you can buy from instead of one single webstore stock. Especially for more uncommon models that’s not too easy to get a hold off in many places this is good, and for those who live outside the EU they can also deduct VAT. Theat they have chosen this Mail Order service instead of an online shop is about the desire to utilize the resources they already invested in, the physical stores, and to avoid the large investment that a separate web store means, with an ecommerce solution, administration and logistics for this and so on.

From the production in the factory, some as new site covers thoroughly with text, image and movie.

If we go on to the site itself it feels modern and relatively easy to navigate, despite the very voluminous content available. You have their entire Benchgrade-, Handgrade- and women’s collections with many good pictures and clear information about each model, but also departments for example their own stores and a map of all dealers around the world, info on repair service, MTO and bespoke, about their history, texts and films about the production and so on. Most interesting is perhaps the part called The guide, where you can both read extensively about all their different lasts, learn about the different shoe types, and as mentioned also be guided to the models that you are looking for. It’s like a sort of reverse way to search for a shoe, where you can choose the model type, sole, leather and color and show the models that apply to the categorization chosen. One can also then save the models on the site, so you keep track on them the next time you visit. Crockett & Jones new site is simply a website that you can spend a lot of time on.

The last guide.

Here I have sorted out all the black derbies with Dainite sole, in the site’s Style finder. All photos: Crockett & Jones