Soon it’s time for another great event in Stockholm, when the fifth edition of the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show will take place on Saturday September 29th. On the exhibition floor this year you will find Skolyx (Skolyx/Yanko/TLB), Vass, Japan Shoes Export Platform (Miyagi Kogyo/Matsumoto/Kiten), Heinrich Dinkelacker, Jan Kielman and Gaziano & Girling. In addition there will be the Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining, seminar about the fit of shoes, and the new Shoegazing Market – a second hand marketplace for second hand quality shoes.


The event is available as a Facebook event here, please feel free to participate there and we will get a hum about the number of visitors early and spread more than happy to your friends.

Read the Swedish version of this post with even more info here.


Date: Saturday September 29
Location: Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23, Stockholm, Sweden
Schedule for the day:
10.00-18.00 Trunk show open to the public, NO REGISTRATION NEEDED.
  • Exhibitions with Skolyx (Skolyx/Yanko/TLB), Vass, JSEP Japan Shoes Export Platform (Miyagi Kogyo/Matsumoto/Kanpekina/Kiten) Heinrich Dinkelacker, Jan Kielman and Gaziano & Girling.
  • Also exhibitions with the main partner Brunngård (shoe care and shoe accessories), plus the partners Shirtonomy (shirts) and Granqvist (ties and accessories).
  • Premiere for Shoegazing Market, a second hand marketplace where you can sell and buy used shoes, more info below.
  • Exhibition of the top 3 shoes in the World Championships in Shoemaking.
  • During the day there will also be bespoke shoemaking and patina painting live with Daniel Wegan and Neus Benavent, Gaziano & Girling.
14.00-14.30 Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining, in collaboration with Brunngård, 1st prize 3,000 SEK and shoes from Loake
16.00-16.45 Seminar about the fit of shoes, with Daniel Wegan, head of the bespoke department at Gaziano & Girling, and Jörgen Stålborn, owner Hojs Skomakeri. Moderator Jesper Ingevaldsson, Shoegazing.
20.00 Dinner (at Jamie’s Italian, register to no later than September 27)

From last year’s event.

Some old, some new, that’s how you can summarise this year’s super trunk in Stockholm. The event each year has attracted between 700-900 shoe interested visitors, and this time again held just at Stureplan in the middle of Stockholm on Humlegårdsgatan 23, in Scandic Anglais‘ largest conference room on the second floor. The scene is just outside. As usual, the event is organized by me together with Joakim Berggren, Roland Olsson and Adrien Combier Hogg.

It will be really crowded at the exhibition floor this year. Returning is the popular Swedish store Skolyx (my employer from September, read more here), which now has its own Goodyear welted range made on Majorca, priced at €200, and has a large selection from the Spanish brands Yanko and the newcomer TLB. Many will be pleased about the return of Hungarian Vass, which makes hand welted shoes of high quality for prices from about €500. For the first time, we also have Japanese RTW shoes with JSEP Japan Shoes Export Platform, with the brands Miyagi KogyoMatsumoto and Kiten, makers of great shoes in price ranges between €300-600. The German brand Heinrich Dinkelacker will have the world premiere for its new bespoke service, scanning the foot with an iPad and a personal last designed from the scan, and then the selected model of their hand welted shoes will be manufactured on these. Polish bespoke shoemaker Jan Kielman returns, the brand offers full bespoke with prices from only €800. And then we have Gaziano & Girling, the British premium brand that shows both RTW, MTO and full bespoke at the event. G&G will also showcase their craftsmanship live, Swedish Daniel Wegan who heads their bespoke department will, among other things, show how it works when you’re lasting a seamless wholecut, which many will find very fascinating, and Neus Benavent, who among other things do patina on shoes for the company, will paint a pair on site.

Skolyx comes with its own private label, Yanko and TLB.

Popular brand Vass returns to the super trunk. Picture: Milad Abedi

Split toe from Miyagi Kogyo, one of the brands included in JSEP Japan Shoes Export Platform.

Derby from Heinrich Dinkelacker, who launches a new digital bespoke service.

Polish Jan Kielman makes really affordable bespoke shoes.

Gaziano & Girling loafers.

G&G will also showcase its craftsmanship live, including showing how it works when lasting a seamless wholecut, a process that looks like this at the beginning, and it’s crazy to imagine there will be a shoe out of it. Picture: The Rake

As always, the partners who make the super trunk possible, will also exhibit. We have the main partner Brunngård, Sweden’s largest wholesaler of shoe care products and footwear accessories, where very exciting things is going on. Some will appear at the event, like their new sneakers care series. Partners are two. The shirt brand Shirtonomy, whose affordable Made to Measure service with fine fabrics and production in Portugal has been praised by many within the Swedish menswear sphere. And Granqvist, which has a wide range of Italian-made ties and accessories of fine Italian and British fabrics.

Brunngård’s table last year.

The shirt brand Shirtonomy offers an affordable Made to Measure service.

Ties and accessories are Granqvist’s specialty.

A brand new venture that we launch this year is Shoegazing Market. Here anyone can bring their used quality shoes, you can sell new shoes of the wrong size you want to get rid of, or stores may sell off new shoes if they are reduced by at least 50% from the regular price, and exhibit them to be sold to the super trunk’s hundreds of visitors. On the buy and sell section of Shoegazing’s forum (Swedish only), there are lots of second hand shoes sold every year, this will be a physical continuation of this. Classic shoes of good quality that are not used too hard work well to sell on, and give pleasure to new owners instead of having the shoes gathering dust on the shelf. This year, it will be a bit of a test of the Shoegazing Market concept, but hopefully there will be a good number of shoes to botanize, myself, I will sell from 5-10 pairs here at great prices. The opportunity to try out the shoes is clearly excellent also when you buy used shoes, and we have a system that will make it easy for your visitors to bring shoes that are part of the marketplace. In the swedish version of this post, it’s explained further.

Shoegazing Market – for those who want to grab a bargain.

For those who have not had the opportunity to visit the Skoaktiebolaget store the weeks before the super trunk, where the three podium-placed shoes from the World Championship in Shoemaking will be exhibited during the end of September, you will also be given the opportunity to study these amazing shoes here during the event. Craftsmanship at the absolute highest level.

The small exhibition with the top 3 from the World Championships in Shoemaking, will be shown at the super trunk.

On the stage, it is as usual the final of the Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining, in collaboration with Brunngård, where three finalists have 20 minutes to polish a Loake Aldwych in mahogany as beautiful as possible. The final takes place at 14.00. The winner receives 3,000 SEK as well as the shined shoe and its sibling. Next week we will open up for the qualification on the Swedish version of Shoegazing.
At 16.00 there will be a seminar about the fit of shoes, which above mentioned Daniel Wegan, who heads the Gaziano & Girling bespoke department, and Jörgen Stålborn, who runs Hojs Skomakeri in Borås, talks about fit from every possible angle. For example, what should be considered for finding shoes that are a good fit, common mistakes, how to correct the fit, and so on. They also answer questions about the topics from you visitors. I myself will moderate it all. Will probably be really interesting.

Last year’s final of the Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining.

In the evening after 20:00, we have a dinner open for everyone, a nice meeting place for exhibitors, people in the industry and visitors to chat in more relaxed and calm forms. This year we eat in the hotel restaurant Jamie’s Italian. E-mail and register no later than September 27. Is always a nice chance to talk more shoes with both visitors and exhibitors.

Hundreds of people gather annually for the great tradition that the super trunk has become.

Measuring for bespoke.

As usual, we also offer discounted rates for rooms at Scandic Anglais, as there are plenty of people traveling to Stockholm for the event, and take a weekend in the capital. Prices are from 1,650SEK for single room, 2,200SEK for double rooms. For room booking mail to, or call +468-51734077, state that it is about visitors to the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show.

For those who can not visit the event, the stage program will be streamed in a slightly simpler form on the Swedish version of Shoegazing (where you also can find more info about the event), we will return to this.

Welcome to Stockholm on September 29!