A review of some interesting sales that are ongoing among various shoe retailers now during the sales period, a lot of  French and British stuff this time.


Septième Largeur

French Septième Largeur has a selection of products on sale, between 20-30% discount. Among other things, some boots and heavier shoes with rubber sole. Already affordable shoes now even more affordable.


New & Lingwood

Jermyn Street-based New & Lingwood (the top picture comes from them) always has good sales, this year is no exception. Reductions with between 20-40%, and goodies such as the Crockett & Jones-made tassel loafers, for those who drooled over Piccadilly but thought they were too expensive.


J. FitzPatrick

At J. FitzPatrick they’ve put together a proper sale this winter. The discount is in most cases 30%. And not only that you have many models and have quite a lot of sizes left in many of them, but you can order the sizes that are not in stock and get them to the sale prices, which is very unusual.



French Caulaincourt makes very French shoes, to say the least, with a lot of patina, often Blake stitched, often slightly elongated lasts. If this is your taste you can order many models (in case it is patina you get to choose your own here) for between 30-50% discount.


Matthew Cookson

More French,with Matthew Cookson, a sister shop to the British shoe store Shipton & Heneage. If you are looking for loafers, this sale can be extra interesting, with a 30-40% discount on many of their loafers, both Goodyear welted and Blake stitched.



Also at British Cheaney, there is a 30-40% discount that applies, and here you have a very large number of models that are reduced, from virtually all the company’s various ranges. Especially a lot of different black models can be found, for those who are looking for this.


As always, this is just a small selection of ongoing sales, please advise other good ones in the comment field below.