Today the British premium brand Gaziano & Girling launched a brand new range: Classic. With more traditional last shapes and models and slightly less worked waists and other modifications, they step down a bit in price and open up for new customers.

Gaziano & Girling has since the start in 2006 taken the traditional British quality shoe industry by storm with its modern interpretation of the British styles, with production details deriving from bespoke production for both its regular range and the slightly later launched, very exclusive Deco range. In recent years, a series of lighter summer shoes, the Fresco range, and a women’s collection have also been launched. In addition to the RTW and MTO offerings, they also have a very well-renowned bespoke department.

Very classic. The punched cap toe Churchill on the new round R18 last.

The next step in the development is to take a step back from what has made them big, and do something much more traditional. The Classic range consists of a smaller number of models that are made on two brand new lasts, the classic round R18 and S45 with a soft square toe, both more restrained and traditional than previous lats with the fitting EX, which is between their standard E and wide F. The heel is lowered slightly, the waist is not as tightly cut, they are simply a bit simpler made, less finesse but with the same attention. The material is also of the same very high level, with real leather heel stiffeners, oak bark tanned leather soles from Baker and first-class calfskins for the upper leather.

The bottoms of the new range looks more like, for example, Edward Green’s or Crockett & Jones Handgrade’s shoes.

The price level is lower than G&G’s regular range, Classic is around €820 (£ 695) except the chukka boot that goes on for another €100. It is €350 above the fairly juicy price level that the regular range is at currently, which of course makes them a bit more accessible. The margins can be suspected to be a bit tighter as well, since they will only sell the range in their own channels, in their online store, in the flagship store on Savile Row in London and during trunk shows.

Not only is it completely traditional, a couple of the models are offered in so-called museum calf leather with a slightly mottled finish.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing they go for here, there is a large group who want really well-made British shoes but who feel that Gaziano & Girling’s regular shoes are a bit too modern for their taste. For example the often conservative clientele who shop on Savile Row, which the various tailors on the street often point over to G&G to complement with shoes, they may appreciate this traditional range of shoes.

The nice penny loafer Chadwick in brown suede.

Full brogue derby in grain leather with double leather sole.


Soft square toe on the S45 last, here dressed with a punched cap toe oxford in plum museum.

The chukka in dark brown suede has a Wensum rubber sole. Pictures: Gaziano & Girling