Bespoke shoe lasts, the construction and the finishing are made very differently to almost all factory-made shoes. But how can you take parts from bespoke shoemaking, and make them accessible to more people through cheaper factory-made RTW shoes? That’s what episode 6 of the Shoegazing Podcast is about, with Maslow So from Mori of Shoemakers.


Maslow So.

Mori of Shoemaker shoes.

Maslow So is from Hong Kong, he is the man behind the brand Mori of Shoemakers, who in a very interesting way try to combine elements from bespoke shoes with factory-made RTW shoes. Mori has various bespoke shoemakers from around the world designing lasts and models, and then a factory in China producing hand welted lovely looking shoes offered at a very competitive price. We sat down and talked about this project, and about merging bespoke and factory-made.

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