In this episode of the Shoegazing Podcast the legendary French bespoke shoemaker Christophe Corthay talks about shoes and art. Hear him talk about when he left Maison Corthay, about how he thinks that the bespoke shoe world in general makes boring shoes, and how one of his targets with the new brand Tranchet Vif is to make shoes that people don’t want to wear.


Christophe Corthay.

Christophe Corthay has spent more than three decades making shoes, previously with his brother Pierre at Maison Corthay, but nowadays he runs Atelier du Tranchet with the brand Tranchet Vif together with Sebastian “Toulouz” Algans and Phillippe de Paillette. Those who’ve seen their shoes know that most of them are truly artistic creations, that looks like nothing you see from other brands. So I decided to talk to Christophe Corthay about the sometimes slightly controversial topic: shoes and art.

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Artistic creations.