The coronavirus hits hard on many companies around the world, and to keep sales going, many now have very generous sales, often on everything in their stores. Obviously a sad reason for reduced prices, but for us as customers it’s a good change at a bargain, and orders are just what these companies need.



Norway has been hit twice in recent times, both by strong measures against the coronavirus and by the very low oil prices. The Norwegian krona is historically low, which means that it will be extra cheap for us in other parts of the world when many in the country now run sales. Cavour has a 30% discount on everything in the store, in the shoe section this includes their own range of Goodyear welted shoes in the midrange price segment, Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, Bontoni, Saint Crispin’s and more. Being able to grab a pair of EG for €680 / $750 (NOK 7,850) or a pair of C&J for €300 / $330 (NOK 3,500) is not common.


Linnégatan 2

Swedish men’s haberdasher Linnégatan 2 has also reduced everything in the store with 30%. Here you will find shoes from among others Carmina, Alden, Crockett & Jones and Common Projects. Not that much left in the shoe section, so if there’s something you’re interested in could be good to act fast.



Another excellent Swedish store, Lester, have prolonged their winter sale, where you find shoes from RM Williams, Berwick, Fiddler, Loake, Red Wing and others at discount. Often reduced around 30%.


Shipton & Heneage

British Shipton & Heneage has a 15-60% discount on their entire range of shoes. Most of their Goodyear-elted models are made by the classic Northampton-based factories, so good stuff.


Sid Mashburn

American store Sid Mashburn has built up an impressive collection of shoes under his own brand. They have, among other things, Goodyear weltedshoes in the midrange price segment made both in Italy and England. Now they have a 20% discount on everything in the entire store.


Cobbler Union

American/Spanish Cobbler Union offers a 20% discount on all orders. On top of that, if you buy for a lot you get a lifetime discount of up to 20%, a bit complicated to fully understand how it works but they have info on their site.


CNES Shoemaker

The Viatnemese brand CNES that has been impressing the masses when shown in Europe, has a 20-40% discount on a large part of their offerings. Goodyear welted shoes starts at €160 which is a steal.


As usual, this is just a selection, kindly advice about other good sales in the comments section.