This week world champion in shoemaking 2019 and formerly Gaziano & Girling bespoke, Daniel Wegan, has his first trunk shows on home turf in Sweden with his new own brand Catella Shoemaker. Not that many pictures of the first samples have been available, here to rectify this is this picture special article going up close with these magnificent pieces of footwear.


(Read more about Catella Shoemaker in this article.)

Daniel Wegan and Catella Shoemaker visited my hometown Gothenburg and the men’s haberdasher Rob & Co. this Wednesday. Today Friday and tomorrow he is at Skoaktiebolaget in Stockholm.

Classic black plain cap toe.

Stunning purple patina.

His two entries in the world championships in shoemaking, second placed shoe from the 2018 contest to the left, winning shoe 2019 to the right.

Both have Victorian era inspiration.

Now some better outdoor shots of the three new Catella samples (if you want to see more of the world championship entry shoes, visit this article for 2018 and this for 2019 contests). Shoes that haven’t been

Soft square toe shape, sleek last. He is waiting for the sock linings with the Catella logo, hence the “naked” inside.

Inside view.

14 spi (stitches per inch), can’t complain on the welt finsihing.

A slightly mottled mid brown patina.

Back part, with a relatively elongated heel counter.

Natural sole finish with a very slim, fiddle back waist.

Other angle.

Close-up of the waist.

He makes a pretty angled heel breast edge.

This sample is very British, which was the intention.

Round toe.

The shoe is made in a vegetable tanned aniline dyed leather, which Daniel wanted to test out. Had some good properties, but also its problems.

Classic British bespoke styled welt finish.

Personally I prefer this slightly more conservative shape of the heel.

Round bevelled waist.

Here we have more of French flair, both of course with the colourful patina, but also the last shape with its fuller body at the lower outside of the instep.


The smooth transitions of the patina, made by Neus Benavent (also previously at G&G and also Corthay), is really delicate.

Round laces, thumbs up from me.

Well-built heel.

Classic two-tone sole finish.

Also here an angled breast.

Daniel measuring a client.

Daniel Wegan in a good mood.