This week I received my sixth pair from the Japanese bespoke shoemaker Yohei Fukuda. A seamless wholecut in a stunning burgundy patina, which really enhances the magnificent shape of Fukuda’s chiseled last. Here’s lots of pictures plus a film showcasing the beauties.


Yohei Fukuda is a known name for most shoe interested men (if you want to know more here’s a report and here’s a buyer’s guide), one of the most well-renowned bespoke shoemakers in the world. I’ve been a customer for many years, this week I received my sixth pair from him. The shoes are a pair of seamless wholecut oxfords, where a full piece of leather is pulled over the last and then the opening is cut open afterwards. A difficult model to make, which has grown in popularity in recent years. Yohei Fukuda just started offering them.

These shoes are superbly well crafted as always, made on my bespoke lasts with a single leather sole, 12 spi (stitches per inch) sole stitch, bevelled waist, and a deep burgundy patina made by Nobuaki Fujisawa of FG Trente / Floriwonne, who Fukuda collaborates with for patina. Surely a pair of serious head turners, below loads of photos of them, and at the bottom a movie.