I’ve finally solved a good solution for storing my footwear in the house we moved to almost two years ago now. Two large glass cabinets located in a hallway near the entrance door – both good looking and convenient.


Earlier I had most of the shoes stored under a staircase, where I had to bend down my head to get in and dig out the shoes I wanted to wear for the day. So the new solution is a lift in this regard, to say the least. The two glass cabinets, made of black painted solid metal, can store 36 pairs of shoes, and I don’t think I’ll ever need much more space than that given that I’ve been around 25 pairs for many years now, that seem to be the amount I “need” (I always sell off shoes that I don’t use much). On the shelves I’ve placed ribbed carpets which let’s air flow under the shoes, important when wet soles dry, and I’ve installed LED light lathes above all shelves.

How do you store your shoes? Write a comment below, and perhaps even include a link to a photo.