J. FitzPatrick Footwear are clearing out a number of models and have them on a 40-50% discount, making it possible for you to get your hands on these Spanish-made Goodyear welted shoes from only €150, which is quite a bargain.


As I presume most readers here would know, J. FitzPatrick Footwear is the brand of fellow shoe blogger Justin “The Shoe Snob” FitzPatrick. It’s been around for a number of years now, carving out its own niche within the classic shoe world with often a slight original take on classic designs, highly wearable stuff in todays day and age where many models are taking a step towards a bit more casual approach. They are Goodyear welted in Almansa in Spain, with one main line found in the midrange segment and a new entry level range introduced last year called JF Line.

One of my favourites in the sale now is this derby boot in brown grain.

In their clearance section on the website they have some 20 models which they are discontinuing, most from the mentioned JF Line, and now have a large sale on, as mentioned between 40-50% discount. To for example get a pair of these Goodyear welted boots at just €150 ($175) is quite a find, in several cases there’s also relatively many sizes left as well. I would presume things go rather fast at this price though, so one might not want to sit and ponder too long if one are on the fence about some model here. It should also be noted that the brand also currently has a campaign where you can buy two pairs of JF Line models at the RRP and get a third pair for free, which is pretty sweet as well.

Brown wholecut for €150.

Apron derby in black calf. All pictures: J. FitzPatrick Footwear