This time we’re going to go in-depth on the experience of ordering bespoke shoes, this from a bespoke shoemakers viewpoint. Hear Nicholas Templeman, independent British maker with a background at John Lobb, in a thorough talk on the customer experience topic and much more.


Few have the possibility to order a pair of bespoke shoes, but it’s a dream of many, and the process and everything that comes with it is something that many are interested in. Now, in the 17th episode of the Shoegazing Podcast, we’ll dig into this properly, together with Nicholas Templeman. He started his journey as a lastmaker at John Lobb Ltd., and seven years ago he left to set up his own brand. He has a reputation of being very service-minded, going that extra length to make both the process and the final product something special for the clients.

Nicholas Templeman.

We talked a lot about the customer experience and the bespoke journey, but also about for example his journey into shoemaking, about pros and cons with traditional British ways with the outworker system and how they do bespoke fittings, about Covid and what a mess it has made of the bespoke footwear and clothing worlds in many regards, and much more.

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