It’s always great to see playful yet highly wearable takes on classic shoe models. Pictured above is a seamless wholecut lazyman faux adelaide wingtip oxford – certainly not a standard to find on the shelf in your shoe store.


The shoes are an Enzo Bonafé MTO for a customer of the Swedish store Skoaktiebolaget. Normally when one choose to do a seamless wholecut you want to really highlight this, and it’s a basic clean wholecut, here it’s the other way around with a lot of things going on which instead disguise the advanced type of shoe this is. For those who don’t know, a seamless wholecut is made with one piece of leather pulled over the last and the opening is cut from the single piece, so no seam in the back as normal wholecuts have. Hence the brogueing and all you see here on this model is just decoration.