Between October 1-5 TLB Mallorca runs their first ever Made to Order event, where they remove the normal upcharge for a personalised model, so prices are the same as for regular RTW models.


I believe most readers know about TLB Mallorca by now, which has become a well-renowned player in the midrange segment, not least with the Artista range which offers impressive specs rarely found in this segment (read more about Artista in this article). As you may know I’m biased, since I work for Skolyx who is a retailer of TLB (we’re not part of this thing now though), but by now enough other inputs on the superb value of TLB Mallorca’s shoes are out there, so you’ll know it’s not just me.

TLB has a wide range of models and leathers available nowadays, they constantly add new interesting stuff. And now you can get things exactly how you wish it, at no extra cost. Pictures: TLB Mallorca

So, starting tomorrow and five days forward, TLB Mallorca runs a so-called MTO event in their online store. This means you can order any model you wish, on the last and with the leather, sole, lining and other details specified exactly to your liking, without the normal upcharge of €75-100 that usually applies for customised orders. Also different widths than regular F widths are available. Price now is €365 for mainline shoes and €425 for Artista. So, if you’ve been thinking about something specific not in the normal line-up, now is the time to place that order. Delivery time is stated to 25 days, one should perhaps expect a bit longer in case there’s loads of orders coming in these days.