The web tip - Kirby Allison videos of the world champs contests 2023

For those who couldn’t attend the London Super Trunk Show this spring and follow the finals of the World Championships of shoe shining, shoe patina and award ceremony for the shoemaking contest, the second best way to view it is through Kirby Allison’s videos, where summaries of all contests now are up on his YouTube channel.


During the big London shoe event, which you may read about here in this article, as always the three highly prestigious world champs contests are spectacular highlights. We have live streaming from these happenings, both here on the blog / YouTube and on Instagram, but it’s not the best video quality and can be hard to see more in details.

That’s why it’s perfect that Kirby Allison always is on site with his large film team to cover the event and contests, which will give non-visitors a better view (or visitors who want to see things again and learn new things), as well as new interesting interviews with many of the contestants and other talks around the contests. Below you’ll find all the three videos: