Reflection – Why we need shoe brands that take shortcuts

There’s branches of people within “the classic shoe world” who are skeptical against factory-made Goodyear welted shoes in general and all types of shortcuts from making “the best shoes possible”, which ideally would be fully handmade bespoke of absolute best quality. Thing is, this industry, all of it, needs to have those who take these shortcuts – here’s why.

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History – Toe stiffeners

One thing that more or less all types of classic or traditionally constructed shoes have in common is the use of toe stiffeners to retain the shape of the toe and to protect the foot. The use of stiffeners have come and gone through the centuries, depending on what types of shoes that has been in fashion at the time.

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Shoegazing Podcast

Shoegazing Podcast – Ep. 12, Kostas Mandilaris, The Noble Shoe, about selling shoes digitally

We live in a digital world, and nowadays a lot of both marketing and sales takes place solely online in various ways. One online shoe retailer who have successfully used many of the digital possibilities is Kostas Mandilaris of The Noble Shoe. In this episode we talk about the benefits and challenges with selling relatively expensive quality shoes only online, about how to work with digital marketing in various ways, and much more.

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News – Belgian loafers range from Yanko

At the company I work for, Skolyx, we just had world premiere for a new range of Belgian loafers by the Spanish brand Yanko. Super comfy Blake stitched shoes with durable thin rubber sole and unlined reverse kudu suede or soft lined deerskin. Also info about the fact that the London Super Trunk Show has been postponed again to Saturday May 8 2021, and that the Stockholm super trunk won’t be held this year.

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The picture

The picture – Terry Moore lasts as RTW

One of the lovely things with famous bespoke shoemakers launching RTW ranges is that the beautiful last shapes of some of the most famous lastmakers becomes more accessible. The latest in line is Foster & Son who has used bespoke lasts by legendary lastmaker Terry Moore as base for their RTW lasts. Pictured here is a RTW semi brogue on Moore’s iconic soft square toe shape.

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