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Buying tip – Wayman Bespoke

Wayman Bespoke has been gaining more and more interest in recent time, the German / Chinese brand who’ve launched a successful ”remote bespoke” service with hand welted shoes made to a high level at an excellent price. After developing both the shoes and the service since the brand started accepting orders about a year ago, they now have a very interesting offer on hand.

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In-depth – Leather quality vs leather properties

To judge leather quality is a science of its own, and many times people confuse leather quality with specific properties of various types of leather. Here’s an ambition to pin out what the differences are between the two terms, to help give you and idea of when you have shoes with lesser quality leather and when you have shoes that just has a property that you mistake for bad quality.

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Report – Fugee bagmaker

The fact that customers continue to place orders despite the waiting time of over seven years (!) says a lot about the status of the Tokyo based bagmaker Fugee. Completely hand stitched bags with hardware designed and made in house to the highest possible level. Fugee has been the gold standard for bespoke leather bags and accessories since the 80’s, and a report from their showroom and workshop should interest all shoe nerds that also admire superb craftsmanship.

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