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The picture – Close-cut heel

I quite often are asked what distinguishes shoes in different price ranges, and I’ve also written a lot of posts on this topic. Here I highlight one thing I have come to think of more and more recently when I look at the shoes, and that’s how the heel so to speak flows together with the upper part. An area where you in general quite clearly see a difference between shoes in different price ranges.

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Italigente Uncovered nr. 3

One series of articles that’s present on Shoegazing is this one called Italigente Uncovered, where I let you follow the work “behind the scenes” at a Swedish/Italian shoe brand called Italigente that I’m working extra for, and also come with input to us in different ways. In this first article (it’s nr. 3 on the Swedish site, and since the articles in will align I decided to start of at that number here too to not confuse things too much going forward) you will get a brief story about the brand, see a resole work on a pair of our shoes, get news regarding new models, and also give your input on which models we should go for to put in production next year.

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