Shoe care

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In-depth, Shoe care

In depth – Different polishing conditions

The fact that it’s always more difficult to polish up a proper shine on new shoes most have probably experienced. It may, however, differ greatly between manufacturers how easy it is to get them shined well, and a lot has to do with how much cream and polish they received at the factory. These shoes above is a good example, both are new and have been polished on almost exactly the same way, but the end result differs significantly.

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Shoe care, The tip

The tip – Remove shoe cream from suede

It’s obviously important to give care and protection also to the sole and heel edge on suede shoes with some shoe cream and maybe polish. It’s made of leather, and without care it dries out and looks really bad. When you put on the shoe cream you quite easily can end up with some of it on the suede, which is not ideal. Here I let you know how to easily get it off if you happen to make this mistake.

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