In-depth – Why to avoid sanding leather

Today it’s increasingly common with sanding down leather, mainly to remove cracks, but sometimes also only to smoothen out creases or to remove dye before doing patina. However, when removing the top layer of the grain surface, the leather becomes more sensitive, which one need to be aware of. Here’s pictures and a film to prove the case, and a bunch of leather knowledge as a bonus.

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History – Shell Cordovan

Cordovan is an immensely popular material for shoes and leather accessories, with its special character and features. However, it was not until about 100 years ago that it first started to be used for shoes, since cordovan tanneries were forced to further develop the material after a new invention caused a historical crisis for the cordovan industry.

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Reflection – New turn for the leather industry

The past few years the demand for regular cowhides has dropped dramatically, and in some places one has started to burry the hides since no one wants them. The reason is that more people want so-called vegan leather, the interest in leather shoes decline in general, and more. So far, premium skins have been spared, but the question is whether this trend will reach here as well.

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The picture

The picture – Exclusive patent leather

Regular patent leather means that the skin is covered with a glossy plastic film, cheap and easy. These shoes from the Japanese bespoke shoemaker Marquess are made in a really exclusive, very unusual patent leather that has been treated with a kind of waxy surface, which gives the same shine but allows the leather to breathe and receive care as ordinary leather. Patent shoes that have an interesting story.

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