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The picture

The picture – Healthy creases

Shoes crease, that’s a fact and everyone knows it, yet it’s likely the thing that dress shoe buyers obsess the most about. I’ve been writing several posts on the topic (links below) to give a better understanding on how and why shoes crease, and what’s healthy creases and what might not be. Shown on the photo here surely is an example of some very fine creasing on the Spanish leather.

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Report – TLB Mallorca Artista

Artista is a new top range from the Spanish brand TLB Mallorca, a range that I’ve been involved in developing, through my work for their retailer Skolyx. It’s an ambition at bringing some features taken from bespoke shoes into the midrange price segment of Goodyear welted shoes, offering a lot for the €425 they cost. Here’s a report about this project, now about to launch.

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