About Shoegazing

Shoegazing is a blog about classic quality shoes, or to be fully correct: quality shoes made with traditional construction methods. It was started in 2013 in Swedish, the English version was launched 2016, and today Shoegazing is one of the largest blogs in the world about classic shoes. Shoegazing also organizes the events Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm and the London Super Trunk Show, which is the world’s largest fair for classic men’s shoes open to the public. Me who runs the site is Jesper Ingevaldsson, an educated journalist who now works within communications, and has Shoegazing on the side.

There’s no paid or affiliate content on the blog, and I always try to be as objective as possible when I write about things. For companies looking to pay for content, please look elsewhere. If you’re interested in being shown on Shoegazing you can have a banner advertisement, contact me on the e-mail address below for mor info.

Contact: shoegazingblog@gmail.com

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