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Buyer's guide - Calzoleria Carlino
Buyer's guide

Buyer’s guide – Calzoleria Carlino

Calzoleria Carlino is an Italian maker who slowly but steadily started to make a name of itself domestically and internationally in recent years. An old-school, traditional Italian style enhanced by the extensive use of some amazing vintage leathers, combined with a good price tag, makes them highly interesting. Here’s a buyer’s guide to the brand, with a pair of remote bespoke lazyman oxfords in vintage pigskin they’ve made for me as a base.

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Buyer’s guide – Order bespoke shoes for the first time

If you are in the fortunate situation to be on the verge of ordering a first pair of bespoke shoes, there’s a lot of things that can help you in your way to achieve a good result. In this post I guide you through what to think about, both for traditional full bespoke and Made to Measure orders, but also if you do it over distance, which is increasingly common.

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Buyer's guide

Buyer’s guide – Main d’Or

Eiji Murata, the man behind the brand Main d’Or, is one of the highest rated bespoke shoe makers in the world among people in industry, but still relatively unknown to most shoe interested people. Here’s a substantial buyer’s guide with an order of a pair of semi brogues as a base, where most of what you need to know about Main d’Or is included, among other things lots of pictures from the making.

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