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Report – Midas Bootmaker x Skolyx

One of the most praised Indonesian bootmakers – Midas Bootmaker – has collaborated with the Swedish store Skolyx on the first RTW collection ever for the brand. Hand lasted, hand welted, handmade sole stitch (even for rubber soles), hand built heels, with real leather toe and heel stiffeners – serious craftsmanship now easily accessible widely.

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The picture

The picture – Japanese perfection

I’ve been fortunate enough to own a number of shoes from several Japanese bespoke shoemakers, and what continuously amaze me with these shoes are the exemplary execution of the making. Look at this shoe above by Yohei Fukuda as an example, see the flawless closing of the uppers, the perfectly trimmed and stacked heel, the immaculate blind welted waist, the precise sole stitching and welt finishing, and so on. One can make shoes differently than this – but one can’t basically make it better.

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Shoegazing Podcast

Shoegazing Podcast – Ep. 18, André Simha, about collecting shoes

In this episode we are meeting a proper shoe collector, André Simha, who owns more than 300 pairs of welted shoes from literally all over the world. We talk about what it is that drives him to continue to buy new shoes, discuss practical things like storage and shoe care, gets his experience of various shoemaking countries and brands, and much more.

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