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Reflection – The high cost of all the sales

In recent years we’ve seen an increasing amount of sales in the section of quality welted footwear. Something that once was a rare sight is now the norm, and albeit retailers and brands obviously have their part, a lot comes down to customer behaviour and how people rather “make a steal” and buy a bunch of pairs on sale than get what they really want and need at full price. This new environment is putting many retailers and brands at serious strain, where some go under. If you really want to support a retailer or a brand – buy full price.

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The tip

The tip – Goat hair brush for spit shine polish

For those who enjoy themselves with polishing up a proper spit shine on their shoes, a problem often arises. Traditionally, the polishing equipment consists of a horsehair brush, but when you apply a spit shine to your shoes, and especially to the toe area, using a brush with horse hair bristles causes problems: tiny, tiny scratches form on the glass-like surface. The horsehair is simply too hard, and scratches the polish surface. However, there is an excellent solution to this: a super soft goat hair finishing brush.

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History – The military’s affect on the shoe industry

Through history, few areas have had the same economical strengths as countries’ military, and with economical power comes the possibility to develop and produce things. That’s why the military greatly has affected development and innovation within the footwear industry through the centuries. Lots of classic shoe and boot models derive from the military, the military has played a vital role for many shoe factories through the years, some of the most effective shoe shining techniques were developed in the military, and so on. Learn more in this article.

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The picture

The picture – Healthy creases

Shoes crease, that’s a fact and everyone knows it, yet it’s likely the thing that dress shoe buyers obsess the most about. I’ve been writing several posts on the topic (links below) to give a better understanding on how and why shoes crease, and what’s healthy creases and what might not be. Shown on the photo here surely is an example of some very fine creasing on the Spanish leather.

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Guide – How to prevent and remove mould from leather shoes

The formation of mould on leather shoes is a common problem especially in some parts of the world during some periods of the year, when humidity is high, but everyone can have mould issues appear on their shoes. Sometimes to a small degree but sometimes the whole shoes can become full of mould. Here I go through the reasons for why mould is formed, how you can avoid it, and how you remove it if you have footwear that gets affected.

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