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News - R.I.P. Stephane Jimenez

News – R.I.P. Stephane Jimenez

There’s been too many of these lately. News about great shoe people passing away. Now the iconic French bespoke shoemaker Stephane Jimenez has deceassed after a period of illness, at a too young age. A shoemaker that perhaps wasn’t the most famous name for a wider audience, but highly respected among shoemakers and shoe aficionados around the world.

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Info ahead of London super trunk 2023

Info on the London Super Trunk Show 2023

This weekend it’s time for the 2023 edition of the London Super Trunk Show. Held in the heart of London at 12 Regent Street, gathering more than ten awesome exhibitors and hosting the World Championships in shoemaking, shoe shining and shoe patina. Saphir will host a free shoe shining service, there’s a second hand shoes marketplace, and more. Here’s some practical info ahead of the event, for those who plan to visit, and on the live streaming we will do for those who can’t attend.

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News - R.I.P. Enzo Bonafé

News – R.I.P. Enzo Bonafè

Yesterday the Italian shoemaker and factory manager Enzo Bonafè passed away, 88 years old. The man behind one of the most acclaimed brands in the Italian quality men’s shoe industry, who worked together with his family in their factory in Bologna until just recently, which he started 60 years ago.

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