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Interview – Paul Sargent of Alfred Sargent

Many questions came up after the fact that the British shoe manufacturer Alfred Sargent have gone into liquidation went public. In this large open-hearted interview with Paul Sargent, part-owner and Factory Manager at the now closed company, you’ll get answers to most of them. The history of why the company ended up where they are, what will happen with the Alfred Sargent brand, and what will happen with the factory. Most importantly – this is not the end for the Rushden factory, Sargent will once again show that they are the phoenix bird of Northampton.

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Event – 2021 Independent Shoemakers Conference online

This weekend the annual Independent Shoemakers Conference takes place, the first edition to be held online, due to obvious reasons. The positive thing is that it makes it even more accessible for all shoemakers, and those who are interested in shoemaking. A lot of knowledge is shared in videos and seminars with shoemakers from around the world, and conference participants have a full month to view all the content. Also briefly about the fact that we have once again postponed the London Super Trunk Show, new date is Saturday October 9.

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News – Alfred Sargent in liquidation

The famous British shoemaking firm Alfred Sargent has gone bust. After not being able to pay its debts and becoming insolvent, the company was put in what’s called “voluntary liquidation” two weeks ago. The fine company out of Rushden, Northampton, have been in big troubles and managed to climb back again before, but this is their toughest situation yet.

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The tip

The tip – How to lace and tie dress shoes

In many ways it’s quite surprising that a fundamental thing like how you lace and tie your shoes are given such a little attention in many cases. Most do what they’ve always done, tie their bow the way their parents though one to do and let the lacing be the way it was when you picked the shoes out of the box. It’s in many cases a big mistake. Now this is of course partly a subjective topic, but here I share what I think is the optimal way to lace and tie your somewhat formal shoes, both when it comes to function and appearance.

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Reflection – Help the classic shoe industry

As we head towards one year living under the shadow of a pandemic, it becomes increasingly clear that the quality shoe business is one of the production industries that suffers hard. Now, if ever, is the time for all of us who enjoy great shoes to do all we can to support the brands and retailers that we love, and make those purchases that may prove crucial to save jobs or even whole companies. Read about why the coming months and what we do now will be so important.

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