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The picture

The picture – City soles and museum calf to the masses

Just a few years ago the thinnest rubber soles used for Goodyear welted shoes were single Dainite soles, and the only brand who offered shoes in the mottled museum calf leather was John Lobb Paris. Today, it’s a whole different story. Loads of brands have their own version of the thin, so called city rubber soles, and several tanneries do museum calf leathers that are offered by brands in all price ranges.

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In-depth – Why to avoid sanding leather

Today it’s increasingly common with sanding down leather, mainly to remove cracks, but sometimes also only to smoothen out creases or to remove dye before doing patina. However, when removing the top layer of the grain surface, the leather becomes more sensitive, which one need to be aware of. Here’s pictures and a film to prove the case, and a bunch of leather knowledge as a bonus.

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