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Guide – Simple corrections of fit nr. 2

Most people know about removable insoles, heel grips, tongue pads etc. to fix various fit issues, what some might not think about though is that if you go to a good cobbler you can have fix the same issues in an even nicer looking and better way. Here I highlight a number of fit modifications that cobblers can do. It’s very common that RTW shoes does not fit perfectly, but in many cases the modifications below can make it really good.

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The picture

The picture – Belgian loafers bonanza

As most readers likely know by now I work for the shoe and shoe care retailer Skolyx, and one of our most popular shoe models lately are the Belgian loafers range from Yanko that we introduced last year. In conjunction with a restock of all models we sell we had a quick photo shoot session yesterday, where the pic above is from. There’s something quite attractive with a bunch of shoes laid out on a floor randomly.

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Reflection – The strength with retailers

In today’s day and age we see a trend where brands “take home” a larger part of the sales and sell directly to consumers through their own stores and webshop, and cut back on retailers. It may seem clever and logic, since a larger part of the margin can be kept for the manufacturer, but one should not underestimate what having good retailers can bring to the table. Thoughts on this in today’s article.

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Picture special

Picture special – Melker Shoes bespoke Wellington boots

My latest acquisition is rather different from what I mostly wear, yet something rather intriguing, if you ask me. A pair of bespoke side seamed Wellington boots in Horween Chromexcel leather, where Swedish bespoke shoemaker Janne Melkersson of Melker Shoes & Boots have added a Scandinavian touch to a very traditional British model, and created a quite spectacular pair. Here’s lots of photos of both making and final pair.

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Buying tip

Buying tip – Three highly interesting new shoemakers

With the pandemic having the world in its grip for over a year, making it tough for already well-established shoe brands out there, one have to admire – and give support to – the ones who actually set out to start a new brand at this stake. Today I highlight three highly interesting makers of handmade footwear that just started their own brands: Hung Shoemaker from Taiwan, Siroeno Yosui from Japan, and Mogada from Germany.

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