The best tips are often the simplest. Like this one, that you should occasionally turn the shoe bags inside out and shake it to remove all the gravel and dirt that often accumulates in the fabric, to eliminate the risk of small scratches when the shoes are packed in the bags.

It’s a bit different how often you use the shoe bags you get with your shoes, but most people at least bring a pair of shoes to change with when you are traveling, or if you bring them to your office to have pairs to swith with there (especially in colder countries where you use boots during winter). Since the soles of the shoes, even if you have removed off the worst of it almost always have some dirt left on when you put them in the bags, over time, they have a bunch of dust and dirt stuck in them. In order to avoid this causing small scratches in the leather, remember to always making sure that the soles are in the same direction, preferably by always having the logo on the bags downwards (since if it’s a leather piece or similar, this part is better to have against the soles). But then also make sure that you regularly turn the shoe bags inside out  and shake and brush away all dirt properly.

Att alltid frakta skorna i ett par skopåsar blir snabbt en vana för folk som köper finare skor och tar hand om dem. Bild: John Lobb. Översta bilden: Hanger Project

To always have the shoes in shoe bags when travelling is a habit people with nicer shoes quickly tend to use. Picture: John Lobb. Top picture: Hanger Project

Since the flannel fabric which the bags usually is made of may be soft and nice as it is, but it does attract dust and dirt. They can also attract shoe cream and other stuff. You could wash them in the washing machine on a handwash programme and they will look like new again.
Maybe not the tip that will have the largest impact on the lifespan of your shoes, but always good to remove unnecessary harm on your shoes.