Another super trunk is done. Last weekend’s event in Stockholm gathered around 700 visitors, about 70 pairs of shoes were sold (and many more ordered after the event) and the atmosphere was as usual great. Here is a summary of the day in text and a lot of pictures.


This year we had no large crowdpleasers on the exhibition floor, such as Meermin or Vass, but had focused on highlighting new stuff for Sweden that was not very well known before, therefore it was pleasing to see that the number of visitors still was high, we have now been constantly between 700- 900 visitors all six years. Shoegazing Market, the marketplace for second-hand shoes, was back after last year’s success. We had more sellers than last year but a slightly fewer number of pairs, but since many had learned from last year and set reasonable prices overall, a few more pairs were still sold than last year, 35 pairs of shoes found new owners. Everything from premium shoes from, for example, Gaziano & Girling and Saint Crispin’s, to shoes from cheaper brands such as Myrqvist and Loake were up for grabs.

As always a lot of visitors when when the super trunk heads into Scandic Anglais, in the central parts of Stockholm.

One of the tables at the Shoegazing Market section.

The biggest impression on the exhibition floor was likely made by CNES Shoemaker, one of Vietnam’s largest manufacturers of Goodyear welted shoes. With an impressive quality level of the finish and construction for very facile prices, they got many visitors to raise their eyebrows and also order a pair. Goodyear welted started at about €200, for SEK €25 more you got a narrow and extremely built-up waist, hand welted was at €420 and Goodyear in cordovan leather only at €480.
Belgian / Spanish Sons of Henrey was also well received, midrange shoes with a classic designs where above all the material range stands out, with especially many different exciting grain leather. Tom Brone, who runs the brand, sources all the leather himself, and has good contacts in the tannery industry.
My employer Skolyx was the only exhibitor to have been here before, and this year the new range TLB Mallorca Artista caught visitors’ attention the most, with their very narrow waist (also on rubber soled shoes), genuine leather heel stiffeners, and more at a relatively low price.

CNES Shoemakers table with shoes that was made to an impressive standard considering the low prices.

The new TLB Mallorca Artista range at Skolyx interested a lot of visitors.

Split toe derby from Sons of Henrey.

Zeb Shoes from Croatia was present with his Swedish partner The Noble Shoe. Zeb makes Goodyear-welted  Made to Measure starting at €400, and has access to Horween cordovan in several different shades.
From neighboring Norway we had a visit from Skomaker Dagestad, who brought with them three of their brands they offer in their Oslo store. Very well made shoes from Japanese Miyagi Kogyo, British Foster & Son’s brand new RTW line, and not least their own brand new premium brand Dagestad by Santari, handmade Japanese perfection.
The top trio of the world championships in shoe making and the winner of the world champs in shoe patina were also on display, and impressed the visitors.

Bojan from Zeb Shoes talked to visitors.

Nice sole omn Dagestad by Santari.

World champs shoes on display for people to admire.

Michael Håkansson from Magic Mike Patina and the sneaker brand Magic Shoe Company painted shoes during the day

In addition to the shoe exhibitors, as usual we had a number of partners who made it all possible, who also exhibited. The main partner was Swedish shoe care company Paul Brunngård, with its own brands Springyard and Shoe Shame and well-known German brand Collonil 1909 in its stable.
We had three partners. Blugiallo, which offers affordable Made to Measure suits and other garments, showed a taste of what they offer and informed about their service to the visitors. Granqvist sold lots of ties and accessories, with 20% discount during the day many people took the plunge. Then we had the late addition of J. Hopenstand from Switzerland, with really well-made leather accessories, not least their double-sided belts for which they are known for.

Shoe care from Collonil 1909 on Paul Brunngård’s table.

At Blugiallo.

Accessory candy from Granqvist.

Remi Defrancesco from J. Hopenstand showed leather options.

At the stage area it was as usual a nice atmosphere when the Swedish shoe shining championships final took place. Jakob Mattsson, Johan Olsson and Tobias Bjöörn had qualified, they had 20 minutes to shine a Loake Aldwych shoe as beautiful as possible. After a difficult jury review, Johan Olsson was appointed winner, he went home with €300, the shined Loake shoe and its sibling, a shoe care kit from Paul Brunngård and a glass award.
Michael Håkansson from Magic Mike Patina then gave a mini course on how to paint shoes, where he showed up and gave some handy tips on how to change the color of a pair.
A nice day then ended with dinner in the hotel restaurant. A big thank you from me and the co-organisers Roland Olsson, Adrien Combier Hogg and Joakim Berggren to all visitors and exhibitors, see you again next year!

The shoe shining final ongoing, arranged together with Paul Brunngård, where a Loake shoe is to be shined.

Big crowd as always.

Focused Tobias Bjöörn.

Jakob Mattsson using his fingers

Swedish champion Johan Olsson.

The winning shoe. The collonil wax had became a bit warm and soft, which made it difficult to work with for the competitors who all struggled with getting a good shine. Therefore a bit difficult to compare to previous winners, but fair between the contestants.

The three competitors with Anders Sundström from Paul Brunngård.

Michael Håkansson, Magic Mike Patina, shared his knowledge on how to re-colour shoes.

Brown becomes red.

Magic Mike Patina’s display.

Work in progress.

Bargains at the second hand marketplace.

People whi tried on these shoes.

Granqvist’s table.

Various ties.

Neat waist on rubber soled TLB Mallorca Artista at Skolyx.

Skolyx brought a lot of stuff

Skolyx own sneakers and budget welted shoes.

Sons of Henrey’s stuff looked closer at

Lighter split toe.

Sons of Henrey’s bottom.

Blugiallo who can tailor basically your entire wardrobe.

Gorgeous wholecut loafer from CNES Shoemaker.

Elegant waists.

Patina balmoral oxfords.

Also the rubber soles looked great.

Dagestad by Santari have slightly roomier lasts in the front for the toes not to get squeezed, really comfortable to my experience.

A few models from Foster & Son’s RTW.

Really neat split toe derby from Miyagi Kogyo.

Test of the shoe above.

Paul Brunngård employees talked shoe care

Before and after.

Paul Brunngård’s sneaker care series Shoe Shame.

Boots from Zeb Shoes lined up.

Goodies from Zeb.

Visitors checking out offerings.

Double sided belts from J. Hopenstand.

Lots of possibities to personalise your belt.

Second hand stuff.

Another great waist.

Patina sneakers. Photography, apart from my own, by:  Daniel Öhrstedt, Sons of Henrey



Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining:


Mini course in how to recolour shoes, with Michael Håkansson, Magic Mike Patina: