The social news site Reddit is a community that grows fast, and lately, the so-called subreddit Goodyear Welt – a sub-forum for quality shoes – has become an increasingly important meeting place for many shoe interested people.


Reddit is the sixth most visited website in the world, according to the Alexa ranking, with over 234 million unique visitors a month. Here, it is linked, tipped and discussed on news and all possible topics. The site works so the most popular topics are moved to the top, according to various advanced algorithms, both depending on votes, time on the site, views and so on. What has caused the site to grow massively in recent years are a lot thanks to the popular so-called subreddits, different sub-forums that concern more or less niche areas. One such is Goodyear Welt, who describes itself as follows: “The subreddit about quality footwear. Dedicated to informing, teaching, and sharing. Topics include a wide range of brands from Crockett & Jones to Guidi. New product releases, daily discussion and community building with a common interest in quality footwear.” Goodyear Welt currently has over 66,000 subscribers, and, of course, even more visitors, who in many cases find their way here through Google.

Goodyear Welt's start page.

Goodyear Welt’s start page.

There are several options for those who want to discuss quality shoes. Ask Andy About Clothes was early for the menswear sphere, today StyleForum is the largest. What I really like with Goodyear Welt compared to, for example AAAC and SF, is that you have a forum that is completely focused on shoes. For a person like me, who certainly has an interest in clothes, accessories and watches too, but where shoes really is my main interest I like the opportunity to have it focused. Reddit’s look and layout is a bit special, not only positive, and if you are new here it takes some time to get used to it, but after a while you can see several of the benefits that the simple design and the mix of discussions and links give. It is also relatively adaptable, for example, you can sort things by time too, if you prefer.

It is often interesting to read the many first impressions shared by various people (a majority here are Americans you may notice, similar to for example on SF), and I’ve got tips on many interesting movies on Youtube here, for example. The level of knowledge is as often mixed, some knows a lot, many don’t know too much. Most likely Goodyear Welt and other Reddit forums will be important for different niches in the future.