The online outlet Ownly has bought up a stock of shoes by Edward Green, which is now being sold for less than half price. A lot of models in the range, and not just the biggest and smallest sizes.


Ownly Luxury is a well-established Ebay outlet, which for many years has purchased various parties from more or less famous fashion brands which are sold for low prices in its shop at the auction site. Recently, Ownly opened a separate online store, where they initially sell off a lot of jackets and suits from Italian brand Boglioli, as well as shoes from British premium manufacturer Edward Green. The choice to have these in a separate online store is likely since they are well-know brands that have strong customer groups and they know it will spread in forums and social media so customers find it, and now they don’t loose a high percentage of each sell to Ebay.

Inverness for $500/$590, including lasted shoe trees. That’s a good price.

The Edward Green shoes are a purchase from American Brooks Brothers, which, if I’m not misinformed, now will stop selling EG entirely also in their biggest stores, and got rid of the remaining stocks. It is therefore not subs, but first assortment in new condition. You will find EG classic like the split toe derby Dover in Dark Oak, faux full brogue Inverness in burgundy, Galway in dark oak and mink suede, and more. There are not so many sizes left in each model, so it’s good to act quickly if you’re interested in something. What’s nice though, is that there are many standard sizes available, not just UK6 and UK11 or similar. Note that the size written out to the left is in the UK, where also the width E is specified (Edward Green’s default width, not the narrower D, as some US retailers have as standard). As mentioned above, the prices are more than half the RRP, and they start at just $500/$590 including lasted shoe trees, which is nothing but a bargain price, also if you have to pay shipping of €50 to Europe, and if you pay customs and VAT.
Rumour says that more interesting stuff, both shoes and clothing, might be on its way in to the webshop, so could be worth keeping an eye on it.