Using old deposited pantyhose from your girlfriend/wife to polish up the last shine on your shoes after they’ve had some coats of wax polish is a tried and tested method. What is less known is that the nylon stocking also is a brilliant tool for restoring shine and removing minor marks before use between polishing sessions.


Make it a routine that before you put on your shoes, you quickly go over them with a nylon stocking and rub back the shine that faded during the previous use. If you just shined them properly when you polished the shoes, you’ll be able to get back a nice shine for several uses without wax this way. The nylon stocking can also rub away minor stains and marks without any problems, the heat created when you rub quickly with the nylon stocking will cause the waxes around and in the area of the marks to melt back together and if not be fully restored in all situations then almost always significantly better.

The nylon stocking is threaded over the hand and you tighten it so it stretches out over your fingers, after they have been used for a while there are often some nubs that you have to try to avoid. With a few quick rubs with a nylon stocking you can get marks out and the shine back, and the shoes are ready for another day of shining.

Personally, I always have a nylon sock lying around in my bag, so if I kick the toe into something, I can remove the mark in an instant if I want to. Of course, you don’t have to take your partner’s stockings (or your own, it’s not just men who read Shoegazing), just go and buy a pair for this purpose. Best for this use are knee-high nylon stockings, relatively thick (60 den and up preferably) and “semi shine” or “ultra shine”.