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Shoegazing Super Trunk Show 2018

Soon it’s time for another great event in Stockholm, when the fifth edition of the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show will take place on Saturday September 29th. On the exhibition floor this year you will find Skolyx (Skolyx/Yanko/TLB), Vass, Japan Shoes Export Platform (Miyagi Kogyo/Matsumoto/Kiten), Heinrich Dinkelacker, Jan Kielman and Gaziano & Girling. In addition there will be the Swedish Championships in Shoe Shining, seminar about the fit of shoes, and the new Shoegazing Market – a second hand marketplace for second hand quality shoes.

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At the lower part of the sole edge here you can see the part of the sole that sticks out, which later will be folded over the welt. Picture: Hiro Yanagimachi

Competition – Winners and answers of find the difference

Time to present the correct answers to last week’s photo contest, where you should find the differences in construction and finish work between five pairs of pictures with shoes from various manufacturers. As expected, the competition was really hard, but we’ve got a winner of the shoe care package from Springyard Shoe Therapy with a value of over €1100, and a winner of the shoe cream and polish from the same brand.

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And here's a Carmina shoe. Observe that it's not the brass pegs in the toe that I'm thinking of here, that would be too easy. Picture: Epaulet

Competition – Find the difference

Time for a really nerdy contest where you have a number of images where you will find construction details that differ between different shoes. The ones who has all or the highest number of correct answers and who has described things most correctly wins a really nice shoe care package with organic products from Springyard, and also all the contestants and those who sign up for the newsletter I will now start will be included in the lottery of a smaller kit from Springyard.

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