To protect your fine welted shoes in a pair of shoe bags when travelling is a given for most people. Still it’s not rare to get small dents on the shoes after their time in the travel bag. Something that can easily be avoided by using double shoe bags.


If you buy nicer Goodyear welted shoes it’s common to get two, or at least one, shoe bag, usually in some kind of cotton felt. Those who get an interest in quality shoes usually gain a collection of various shoe bags at home, where only a few are used more frequently when out travelling.

One shoe bag in another, and voila, twice the protection.

These shoe bags are usually not that thick though, and if you have a heavily packed bag you often try to place the shoes protected with soft things around them. Still, it’s quite common that you get small marks on the shoes. Usually not a big problem, but still annoying. You don’t have to make it complicated though, just put one shoe bag in another one and instantly you have a better protection (if you want/need you can of course use triple bags as well). Then make it a habit to always use the double bags when you are about to pack your suitcase.