This past Saturday the Moscow Trunk Show took place, I was there exhibiting with Skolyx and as a member of the jury in the Russian shoe shining and patina contests. A great day with lots of great shoes and great contestants achieving amazing results. Here’s a summary of the event in a bunch of pictures.


Eight shoe exhibitors were gathered at the Moscow Trunk Show, organised by Shoesing and The Rake Russia in collaboration with Saphir. Here is Gaziano & Girling’s table.

Different types of apron models.

Edward Green was also part.

Classic penny.

Great collaboration between Russian bespoke shoemaker Per Nobile and shoe patina artist Dandy Shoe Care.

Looks like mother-of-pearl.

Earthy tones.

Shades of blue.

Per Nobile’s entry in the World Championships in Shoemaking, which ended up in 9th place. Especially the upper making and pattern is so, so awesome.

The patina contestants are getting ready to rumble.

The contest had a slightly different take, where all were to interpret this painting in a personal way with the patina on the shoes.

Later during the day.

Natalia Dyadkina who won the title.

During our jury review.

Natalia Dyadkina’s winning shoes.

Runner-up shoes painted by Nikita Rusov.

Lyudmila Stikhina won the people’s choice price.

Yuya Hasegawa, the first world champion in shoe shining, was in Moscow as a judge, and also showed off his skills where he shined a pair of shoes blind-folded.

The partner Saphir showcased a selection of their shoe care products.

The Russian brand Alexandre Mason was a nice new acquaintance. Long history as producer of horse riding boots, which you see a few of in the back, they now also do casual styled shoes.

Patina adelaide.

TLB Mallorca Artista derby at the Skolyx table.

Artista sole.

Some Skolyx private label models.

Heinrich Dinkelacker showed of their classic Austro-Hungarian stuff.

Lovely brown shade on this boot.

Poor Justin FitzPatrick had problems with Russian customs, so he only had one pair to display.

The Russian tailor Humdinger exhibited.

Carlos Santos double monk.

Sole of the same.

Shoe shining finalists on stage. Here they shine two pair of shoes during the 20 minutes, a bit more challenging and we don’t see the same amazing shines as some can achieve when only one shoe.

Jury looking at the final results. Serious stuff. Picture: The Rake Russia

The winning shoes shined by Dmitry Gavrilenko from Minsk.

Dmitry Gavrilenko, Russian shoe shining champ.

The patina winner Natalia Dyadkina after receiving her award.

Big crowd in front of the contest stage. Around 600 guests came during the day.