The Black Friday phenomenon continues to grow also outside America, and today is the best day of the year to make real bargains. This is also true on the quality shoe side, here are a number of really nice sales ongoing.



A Fine Pair of Shoes

British A Fine Pair of Shoes is one of the online stores that often runs sales and offers, and now on Black Friday they hit big, with 25% off everything on the entire site. Brands like Berwick, Carlos Santos, Tricker’s and more.



Swedish Skoaktiebolaget’s Black Friday sale has grown every year, at least that’s the feeling, and this year many models from all the company’s brands are on sale: Löf & Tun, Enzo Bonafé, John Lobb Paris and Saint Crispin’s. 15-50% discount is what applies.



At Skolyx we (my employer, if anyone has missed this) very rarely do sales, but since we have added the new Artista range and expanded the Skolyx range a lot, we need to clear the supply and make room. Therefore, we have a 30-40% discount on mainly Yanko and some TLB standard range, both outgoing models and single samples, many nice bargains can be made. Also, with regular TLB at RRP and Artista you get a free TLB belt.


J. FitzPatrick Footwear

The midrange brand J. FitzPatrick has sales on almost the entire range, and also quite decent discounts in many cases, they are between 20-50%. There are also quite a few sizes left in many cases, so most people have a chance to find something on the site.



The popular Spanish brand Carmina has an outlet section on its site, where they now have 20% extra discount (added to the checkout), which allows you to get a pair really cheap. You also get a free belt with regular orders during the Black Friday weekend (top picture is from Carmina).



Italian brand Barbanera makes shoes with a distinct character of their own, and during the weekend have a sale on almost the whole range, with between 30-50% discount. If you have had a look at any model from them, it’s good to act quickly before sizes run out.



Taft has been growing a lot in recent years. They are now having a large Black Friday sale with 30-40% off on lots of models, with many sizes left in many cases.