The British brand for all the cool cats out there, Barker Black, just opened up the digital doors to their first online sample sale. A whopping 70% off the original RRP on these subs certainly makes it interesting for those who are keen on a bargain, not often you get welted shoes of this quality at only €220.


Barker Black is the hip sibling of Barker, with a mix between classic shoes, dandyism and “rock’n’roll”, they have a created a special niche for themselves. It’s not all skulls and bones though, they have more classic models as well, always with some small twists though. Normally the shoes retail at about €720, now when they sell off their seconds, they are way below that.

Fine light brown suede quarter brogue, with the characteristic nail emblem on the waist.

So, with the 70% discount they are down to just €220 including VAT, which certainly is a neat price tag. The shoes are standard subs, meaning there are various issues that means they haven’t been able to sell at full price, could be just small marks or slightly bigger things, nothing that affect longevity though, only aesthetics. A bunch of models are included in the sample sale, it varies a bit how many sizes that are available of each model, for some a bunch for some just single ones. Free shipping worldwide is included.

Very Barker Black.

Heavy derby boot.

Relatively classic for being Barker Black.

Sole. Pictures: Barker Black