Shoegazing Podcast - Ep. 29, Steven Taffel, Leffot, about the classic shoe scene in the US

USA is one of the most important markets in the world for classic quality shoes, and few have followed this closer the past decades than Steven Taffel of the New York shoe store Leffot. In this new episode of the Shoegazing Podcast he shares his knowledge on the topic.


Leffot is based in West Village on Manhattan, New York, and was founded 16 years ago by Steven Taffel, who before that had worked for decades in the fashion and shoe industry. After the world had seriously entered the digital era, say 20 years ago or so, Leffot was one of the first multi-brand stores specialising in classic, mainly welted, men’s shoes, and it has had a big impact both on its customer base and on other stores around the world that have been inspired by it.

Steven Taffel.

Steven Taffel. Picture: Esquire

With Steven’s long background in the business we went deep on the classic shoe industry in the US and how it has evolved and look to evolve going forward, but also of course talked about his own journey.

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