The picture - Spade sole

During the course of time various trends have come and gone also within the world of classic shoes. Often these are more special stuff which is seen as cool and beautiful during some time, but then reaction comes and the opposite opinion becomes the ruling opinion. Spade soles are a good example of this. Also briefly about a new online calendar gathering shoe and clothing trunk shows around the world.


The real, proper extreme spade soles were seen first in the late 1800’s on pointy toe ankle boots, but were soon gone, until the 1930’s where they were the hottest thing to wear especially among Chicanos, Filippino-Americans and African Americans for a couple of decades. They then disappeared again, more or less until recently when both vintage shoe collectors show off old pairs and a few select new brands make them. These here are from Royal Beak (previously Ace of Spades).



Before the pandemic Permanent Style had a good online calendar on trunk shows, but this didn’t return after covid. Instead, we have a new site taking this place: Bespoke Trunk Shows. Here any tailor, shoemaker or neighbouring company can list their trunk shows around the world, free of charge. And for us interested in these, we now have a place to easier keep track of when brands are travelling to where we live. It’s still relatively new but already has a bunch on it, the more well-known it gets the more will be listed.

Bespoke Trunk Shows