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In depth – What affects how shoes are stretched nr. 2

Some time ago I wrote a post about the different things that affect how shoes will stretch on the Swedish version of this blog (will be posted here on the English one in the future: EDIT, up now here), a topic that you can say a lot about. That was about shoe construction and how it differently affect stretching, here we look at a few aspects which instead is about how they are, so to say “exposed to” when being used.

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In-depth – RTW and fit

Good fit is the single most important feature of a shoe, even so, a lot of people wear shoes that fits quite bad. It’s, to generalize a bit, usually because of a combination of a lack of knowledge about how a shoe should fit and due to the fact that Ready to Wear shoes are built to fit as many feet as possible. Here’s a walkthrough of common problems regarding fit that one usually see.

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The tip

The tip – Place the creases

This is a technique that works best on cordovan shoes, but which also can be used for normal calf leather. It’s about simply guiding the leather how to crease by pressing two pens against it when bending the shoe for the first time. The aim is to gather the creases to where it is intended to be, in two lines at the shoe’s flex point.

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