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Reflection – Don’t be fooled by the “no middlemen” marketing

An increasing amount of new brands are introduced which all market themselves as offering shoes comparable to much higher-priced shoes, since they “cut out the middlemen”. This, is more or less just false advertising. These brands themselves are the middleman, and the difference in actual margins compared to the traditional quality shoe brands are small. Here’s why.

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Shoegazing Podcast

Shoegazing Podcast – Ep. 1, Patrik Löf, Skoaktiebolaget, about multi-brand shoe stores

Today it’s the world premiere of the Shoegazing Podcast, the first podcast in the world about classic shoes. In the first episode I interview Patrik Löf of the Swedish multi-brand shoe store Skoaktiebolaget, we talk about the latest but hopefully not the last golden years for classic shoes, about the challenges with tanneries who have started hiding defects on leathers, about the aim with their own brand Löf & Tung, and much more.

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