The picture

The picture – Belgian loafers bonanza

As most readers likely know by now I work for the shoe and shoe care retailer Skolyx, and one of our most popular shoe models lately are the Belgian loafers range from Yanko that we introduced last year. In conjunction with a restock of all models we sell we had a quick photo shoot session yesterday, where the pic above is from. There’s something quite attractive with a bunch of shoes laid out on a floor randomly.

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News – Belgian loafers range from Yanko

At the company I work for, Skolyx, we just had world premiere for a new range of Belgian loafers by the Spanish brand Yanko. Super comfy Blake stitched shoes with durable thin rubber sole and unlined reverse kudu suede or soft lined deerskin. Also info about the fact that the London Super Trunk Show has been postponed again to Saturday May 8 2021, and that the Stockholm super trunk won’t be held this year.

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Buying tip

Buying tip – Quality sneaker news

It’s becoming a tradition that I once a year highlight the news that has emerged in the market of quality sneakers. This isn’t  Shoegazing’s focus area, but the interest is great, and as the quality of many of the sneakers has increased and now as more and more cobblers are offering resoling of the so-called Margom sole types, they have parts in common with classic quality shoes.

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London Super Trunk Show 2021

IMPORTANT NOTE – NEW DATE ONCE AGAIN – SATURDAY OCTOBER 9 2021! Postponed from first April 25, then October 10 2020, and then to May 8 2021, due to the coronavirus situation. More info below.

We are happy to once again invite you all to the world’s largest open event for classic shoes, the London Super Trunk Show, organised by Shoegazing and The Shoe Snob. On Saturday October 9 (NEW DATE!), in the middle of London on 12 Regent Street, we gather more than ten brands from all over the world, interesting partners, there will be the World Championships in Shoe Shining and Shoe Patina, plus the World Championships in Shoemaking will have it’s award ceremony and competition shoes displayed. Below all info about the event.

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Amsterdam Super Trunk Show 2020

It’s a real pleasure to invite you all to the first Amsterdam Super Trunk Show. A bunch of shoe brands from all over the world, partners and other interesting menswear exhibitors, plus the first Dutch Championships in Shoe Shining, all taking place at Cristofori Concert Hall of the Playing Circle, in the central parts of Amsterdam, on Saturday March 7. Here all info about the event.

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