The picture - Stitchdown casuals

Even if I mainly show off my various welted shoes here on the blog or in social media, I of course have a bunch of other footwear as well, like sidewall stitched sneakers, Blake stitched Belgian loafers or – as pictured here – Sidewall stitched casual shoes. The soft suede and crepe rubber sole makes them really comfortable and suitable for many informal occasions.


Crepe soles wear out rather quickly due to it’s softness, which is why the Stitchdown construction is perfect, since you have a full leather midsole stitched to the uppers and one can just easily remove the crepe sole and heel and attach new ones. This is my second pair from this Yanko Stitchdown collection we sell at Skolyx, also have a medium brown apron derby with light coloured sole, and use both of them regularly. As often as I can though, also for lower-priced casual footwear, I go for ones in proper leathers with stitched constructions that can be resoled, since the environmental impact of something durable nad reparable (by me or a potential new owner in the cases it’s shoes I sell off later on) is so much lower than stuff with a more limited lifespan.