To do anything extra big or tiny has for some reason always interested people. When it comes to handmade shoes, it is relatively easy to make very big shoes, albeit very time consuming, but it can be really hard to make small shoes since it’s so complicated to do things nicely when the size is minimal. Here is a look at some small examples.


Here’s the sole of the shoe on the top image. It’s a shoe made by the British bespoke brand Foster & Son, which is made in exactly the same way as their normal shoes and are hand welted with handmade sole stitch. Only that it is about 10 cm long.

The Hungarian Marcell Mrsan who now live and work in the United States occasionally enjoys himselves by manufacturing miniature shoes. Here such a derby with apron, next to a full-size sibling.

Nice blue suede mini chukkas.

Sole on the above.

Here Marcell Mrsan has worked hard. An advantage of small shoes is that one can carry many at the same time. These are, however, “only” glued, it should be said.

Personally, I like small “normal” shoes more, they are more interesting, but then there is of course a charm in “regular” children’s shoes made in a classic way, as these norvegese toddlers with oak bark tanned JR sole that Marcell Mrsan has done. Latest photos: Marcell Mrsan

Last year Viberg made a Goodyear welted children’s version of their classic Service boot in cordovan, which was given to Nick Horween and his kid. Picture: Viberg

Nice vintage mini boot made by a shoemaker in Sevilla. Picture: Enrile

Perhaps my favorite among these, a norvegese-sewn loafer with hand sewn apron that Magnus Ericson, founder of Italigente, was given by the now deceased Italian bespoke shoemaker Basillio Testella.