We are very proud to invite you to the world’s largest open event for classic shoes, the first edition of the London Super Trunk Show, organized by Shoegazing and The Shoe Snob. In the central parts of London on Saturday May 13 we gather no less than 11 brands from all over the world, three interesting partners, there will be the first ever World Championship in Shoe Shining, a panel discussion with people from the British shoe industry, and more. Below all info about this historic event.


Location: The Music Room, 26 South Molton Lane, Mayfair, London

Date: Saturday May 13 2017

Full schedule for the day:

10.00-11:00 Trunk show VIP opening (150 pre-registered visitors, FULL)

11:00-20:00 Trunk show open for the public, FREE OF CHARGE AND NO REGISTRATION NEEDED. Exhibitions with Barbanera, Carlos Santos/Skoaktiebolaget, Caulaincourt, Hiro Yanagimachi, J. FitzPatrick Footwear, Norman Vilalta, Ramon Cuberta, Stefano Bemer, The Sabot (Meccariello/Yohei Fukuda), Vass and Yanko/Skolyx, plus a new shoe store that will be introduced later. Also exhibitions with the event’s main partner Saphir (shoe care) and the partners Fred & Matt (overshoes) and Carl Friedrik (leather bags and accessories).

15.00-15.30 World Championships in Shoe Shining in cooperation with Saphir, 1st prize shoes from Loake

18:00-18:40 Panel discussion about the future for the market of classic shoes. With Tony Gaziano, co-founder Gaziano & Girling, Chris Than, Store Manager Crockett & Jones 69 Jermyn Street, Sarah Nelson, co-owner A Fine Pair of Shoes. Moderator Simon Crompton of Permanent Style.

20.00 Event closes


Facebook event page where you’ll get all the latest updates can be found here.


From the latest Super Trunk Show in Stockholm last September. Now we bring it to London.

The London Super Trunk Show will take place in a 1 150 square meter (3 800 square feet) venue in the heart of Mayfair, in an event space called The Music Room. The address is 26 South Molton Lane, which is a stone throw away from the Bond Street subway station and Regent Street. Here in one large room on the second floor we’ll gather some of the most interesting shoe brand’s around today, all of whom are not sold in the UK. We who organize it is Jesper Ingevaldsson of the shoe blog Shoegazing and Justin FitzPatrick of The Shoe Snob blog. Some of you might be familiar with the predecessor to this event, the Shoegazing Super Trunk Show in Stockholm, which been a huge success the past three years it’s been held with over 900 visitors coming (it will be back as usual in September). The London Super Trunk Show will be twice as big and hopefully attract even more people coming to see, try, buy and order shoes, meet fellow shoe aficianados, see interesting scene events and have a good time in general. It will be open for everyone between 11.00-20.00, but we’ll also have a VIP opening for 150 pre-registered already at 10.00 (FULL).

A pic from the venue the Music Room during another event. Picture: Karen Hatch Photography

Here’s a brief summary of all the exhibitors (more info about them all below). Barbanera is based in Tuscany, Italy, and make quite special, boldly designed Goodyear welted shoes that cost around £430/€500. Carlos Santos from Portugal produce affordable good quality Goodyear welted shoes priced at £260/€300, they collaborate with their retailer Skoaktiebolaget at the event. The French brand Caulaincourt makes sleek footwear often with handmade patinas, priced between £350-430/€400-500. Hiro Yanagimachi is one of Japan’s most renowned bespoke shoemakers with an amazing attention to details, their MTO offering starts at £1 300/€1 500, and they also offer semi bespoke and full bespoke. J. FitzPatrick Footwear is the brand of the host Justin ”The Shoe Snob” FitzPatrick, a mix between bold and classics priced around £330/€380.

Boots from Barbanera.

Carlos Santos full brogue.

The French brand Caulaincourt.

Shoes from Hiro Yanagimachi lined up.

Punched wholecut from J. FitzPatrick Footwear.

Barcelona based Norman Vilalta has in short time made a quite big imprint on the market for classic shoes, started as a bespoke shoemaker but now also offers a progressive range of RTW shoes that cost around £700/€820. From the same city comes Ramon Cuberta, who also started as a bespoke shoemaker making elegant affordable full bespoke, now also offering MTM plus a small RTW range that cost £390/€450. Stefano Bemer of Florence, Italy, makes premium hand welted RTW at £1 000/€1 150 and offers two versions of bespoke. Hungarian Vass are world famous for their hand welted RTW shoes, often stated to be among the most price worthy in the business, starting off at £390/€450. Spanish Yanko offers an excellent range of classic Goodyear welted models where you get a lot of bang for the buck, price is around £240/€280, they’re here with their retailer Skolyx. Also a brand new shoe store that will be opened later this spring will be a part of the event, we promise that there’s some really interesting stuff that they’ll bring, more info on this soon.
All brands will bring a lot of shoes to display and to try on and all will take orders, plus that many of them will sell shoes directly at the event. For those who offer bespoke services you can reserve an appointment in advance, or take the plunge and get measured and order on site.

Norman Vilalta chelsea chukka.

Ramon Cuberta derby.

RTW derby from Stefano Bemer.

Wingtips in grain/calf combo from Vass

Yanko chukka boot.

We have three partners that makes this event possible, and they will all exhibit at the event as well. Main partner is the famous shoe care brand Saphir, whose premium range Medaille d’Or by many is seen as the best shoe care products in the world. Partners are the Swedish based company Fred & Matt who has developed a new modern type of overshoe that’s becoming increasingly popular among shoe aficianados, and Carl Friedrik (recently rebranded from Oppermann London) who makes minimalistic, elegant luxury leather bags and accessories produced in Italy from the finest leather.

Cans of premium shoe cream from Saphir Medaille d’Or. Picture: Björkmans Skomakeri

Fred & Matt’s overshoes, here with a colourful sole.

Carl Friedrik briefcase in Italian vachetta leather.

Apart from the exhibitions we’ll also have a small stage area where some really interesting things will happen. In the afternoon at 15.00 there will be the first ever World Championships in Shoe Shining in collaboration with Saphir, where the winner will receive a pair of shoes from Loake. Three finalists who has made it through the qualificitations the coming months (more info below, and in future blog post) will receive one Loake 1880 Aldwych tan, a can of Saphir Medaille d’Or Pate de Lux, water, brush and polishing cloth and have 20 minutes to polish the shoe as beautiful as possible.
In the evening at 18.00 there will be a panel discussion about the future for the market of classic shoes. Simon Crompton who runs the men’s style site Permanent Style will moderate the discussion. The panel will consist of Tony Gaziano, co-founder and owner of the famous premium RTW and bespoke shoemaker’s Gaziano & Girling, Chris Tan, Store Manager of one of Crockett & Jones‘ two Jermyn Street stores who has become a more and more important player in the company’s retailing business the past years, and Sarah Nelson, co-owner of the very succesful British online shop A Fine Pair of Shoes.

From an earlier edition of the Swedish Championships in shoe shining. Now it’s time for the first ever World Championships. Picture: Milad Abedi

The event is open to all and is completely free of charge. We have a VIP opening in the morning between 10.00-11.00 with 150 pre-registered visitors (FULL). The aim is to get some scattering of visitors, so it’s not totally crowded at 11 when it opens for everyone.

900 people visited the Stockholm Super Trunk Show 2015 and 2016 (700 in 2014), we hope for even higher numbers in London. Picture: Milad Abedi

Please follow the Facebook page for the event here where you’ll get all the latest updates, let us know you plan to attend and spread the word. Since this is the first time the event is held, and nothing really similar has been made in London before, it’s hard to say how the outcome will be, but we hope for a very successful day and that all who comes have a great time and have an understanding for any eventual waiting times to try on shoes and receive service that may appear. Since it’s a rare occasion to have the possibility to see, try, buy and order shoes from this many brands at the same time, and especially since many of them are quite inaccessible, we hope that not only a lot of people from England will come to London this day but also people from other places in Europe that will travel in for this occasion. Take the chance to have a weekend in this great city topped up with the London Super Trunk Show.

Hope to see many of you in London on Saturday May 13!


Below some more detailed info about all the exhibitors at the event and the scene happenings:




Single monk with removable fringes.

Barbanera was launched a couple of years ago by two Italian pairs of brothers. Barbanera’s shoes are manufactured in Tuscany in a factory specialising in Goodyear welted shoes. They use leather from some of the finest Italian tanneries, and the shoes are with closed channel stitching and a slightly bevelled waist. Their RTW range starts at £430/€500, and at a small upcharge you can have personalised Made to Order shoes made.

High suede boot.

The style of Barbanera’s shoes is quite special, like a mix between old school 20’s styles, motorcycle boots, rock n’ roll and western style boots. A lot of suede and a lot of two tone shoes. As many Italian brands they manage to make really comfortable shoes, even if they are in most cases Goodyear welted.

Sole details.

Dark moss green suede tassels.



Carlos Santos / Skoaktiebolaget

Dress shoe classic.

Carlos Santos from Portugal has been around for several decades and are quite big in some parts of Europe and in Japan. But it wasn’t until the famous Swedish shoe store Skoaktiebolaget started carrying the brand that the #menswar world and shoe aficianados around the world got their eyes open to the very price worthy shoes made in the large and effective factory in Portugal’s shoe region São João da Madeira north of Porto. Now these two firms collaborate together with an exhibition at the London Super Trunk Show.

Various boot make-ups.

Carlos Santos makes both Blake stitched and Goodyear welted shoes, but here focus is solely on the Goodyear welted ones. These are priced at £260/€300 which is a very good price for what you get. Santos use French leathers, mainly from the Hermés owned Du Puy and Annonay, and also offer an interesting patina service. Carlos Santos and Skoaktiebolaget has developed several exclusive models for the store, many which will be displayed and sold at the event.

One of many shades available to order with Carlos Santos’ patina service.

Apron derby.




Navy suede oxfords with natural sole edges.

We are quite thrilled to let more people get acquainted with the the French brand Caulaincourt. It was founded 2008 by the entrepreneur Alexis Lafon and have a lot of fans in France, but are not too well known outside the domestic market. The shoes are made in the French region Maine-et-Loire, and they make both Blake stitched, Blake/Rapid, Bologna and Goodyear welted shoes.

Green patina.

Caulaincourt has managed to make their shoes look really sleek and elegant while still keeping the last lengt quite standard, not too elongated, which is very sought after by many. They specialize in gorgeous hand painted patinas made to the customers specifications, which are included in the price. The shoes cost between £350-430/€400-500, depending on construction method.

Light brown suede double monk.

Chukka with Dainite soles.



Hiro Yanagimachi

Bevelled waist.

It’s very rare that Japanese bespoke shoemakers visit Europe for trunk shows, which makes it extra special to have Hiro Yanagimachi as part of this event. He is one of the pioneers of the new wave of Japanese bespoke shoemakers, starting his workshop in 1999, and today one of the most acclaimed bespoke makers in the world. Hiro Yanagimachi was trained in England and his shoes have a very classic, clean base, although among the wide variety of models they have made there’s also a lot of more special make-ups.


The past years he has worked to develop a new international last that is the foundation for MTO and MTM/semi bespoke orders in Europe and the US. It’s a lovely elegant last with an almond shaped toe, made to suit European feet with excellent arch support. Of course he also offers full bespoke with a totally personalised last. MTO so-called 90% handmade (hand welted, machine stitched outsole, square waist) starts at £1 300/€1 500, for 100% handmade (hand welted, hand stitched outsole, bevelled or fiddle waist) about £340/€400 more. MTM/semi bespoke starts at approximately £2 100/€2 400  (these prices are for first orders, consecutive orders about £700/€900 less. Note that the prices are including shipping but excluding any potential VAT and/or customs). If you want to order MTM reserve an appointment on hiroyworkshopi@nifty.com (drop in also possible. For interest in full bespoke order, also send e-mail).

Split toe derby on the international last.

Clean inside work.



J. FitzPatrick Footwear

Different RTW and MTO versions of one model.

The brand of one of the two event hosts, Justin ”The Shoe Snob” FitzPatrick founded his own footwear range J. FitzPatrick Footwear back in 2013, and it has slowly but steadily grown since then. Justin has never settled but constantly work to develop new and modified models, and constantly develop the making and construction of his shoes, to offer better and better shoes. They are Goodyear welted in Spain with closed channel stitching and leathers from well known European tanneries.

A bit special monk shoe.

J. FitzPatrick’s shoes cost around £330/€380, and although there are some real classics much of the models are modern twists and new interesting patterns, offering something unique to the table. Among other things it’s famous for the very competitably priced button boots and button shoes. He also offers an excellent MTO programme with lots of options available for the relatively small upcharge of £100/€120 for shoes and £125/€150 for boots.

Olive green chukkas.

Button shoe.



Norman Vilalta

Savile Row meets Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Norman Vilalta comes from Argentina, was trained in bespoke shomaking by Stefano Bemer in Italy, and nor works from a studio in Barcelona. A couple of years ago he added a RTW range aside his bespoke shoes, which has been quite succesful and are now sold at various stores all around the world.

Austerity brogue RTW.

He calls his latest collection is called Savile Row meets Rock ’n’ Roll, and it describes his shoes very well. A mix och classic design with modern, special takes like super heavy rubber soles or a chelsea boots turned into chukkas. With these he has in short time made a quite big imprint on the market for classic shoes. His RTW shoes cost around £700/€820. If you are interested in ordering bespoke, e-mail norman@normanvilalta.com to reserve an appointment (drop in also possible).

Bespoke samples.

Two tone oxford.



Ramon Cuberta

Bespoke adelaides.

Ramon Cuberta is also based in Barcelona, but was trained at home first by two Spanish independent shoemakers and then at one who freelance for John Lobb Ltd. He became know for offering full bespoke at relatively low prices (starts at £1750/€2 050), and during spring he’ll also launch a MTM range of five models, three lasts, made as his bespoke shoes that will start at£1 200/€1 400. Like his colleague Norman Vilalta Ramon Cuberta has now also his own RTW range, which cost £390/€450.

RTW double monk with plain toe.

The RTW are Goodyear welted and made in Spain in the shoemaking region Almansa. Initially he launched only three models, three of the favourites from his bespoke samples, but some more models are on its way. Lasted shoe trees is included in the price. To reserve an appointment for ordering a pair of bespoke or MTM shoes, e-mail info@ramoncuberta.com (drop in also possible).

Sole of a shoe from the RTW range.

A bespoke Ramon Cuberta swan neck.



Stefano Bemer

RTW display.

Stefano Bemer was one of the most famous bespoke shoemakers in Italy, when he tragically passed away in 2012, his business partner Tommaso Melani took over the company and has developed it very successfully since then. They have both developed the bespoke business and launched a RTW collection that’s now sold in many top locations around the world.

Grain boot.

The RTW is manufactured in a small factory just outside Florence, they are hand welted with machine made sole stitch, and all lasts and most models are developed from old bespoke versions made by Stefano. Price is £1 000/€1 150. They also offer two versions of bespoke. Blue bespoke is a bit cheaper and simpler where they use some pre-made bottom parts and make the sole stitch with machine, it starts at € 2 450. Regular full bespoke is made entirely by hand, completely according to the customers requirements, they start at €3 600, and are called Sixpence bespoke. To reserve an appointment for a bespoke order, e-mail bespoke@stefanobemer.com (drop in also possible).

Bespoke sole.

Double monk.




The model Old English on the F last.

Hungarian  Vass was founded in 1978 by László Vass. Even though the brand still keeps the old Austro/Hungarian shoemaking tradition close at heart they have managed to attract a wider customer base with more modern lasts and designs. This makes the range of shoes that Vass offers very impressive, and almost everyone can find models that they like.

Classic Hungarian Budapester.

Vass shoes are often stated to be among the most price worthy in the business. They are completely handmade, hand lasted, hand welted with hand stitched sole seams, and things like real leather in both heel and toe stiffener which otherwise mainly is found in bespoke. Their RTW shoes start off at £390/€450, and for more special MTO models the price is another £85/€100.

Display table.

Goyser stitch.



Yanko / Skolyx

Punched cap toe derbys.

Yanko is a Mallorca-based company which the founders of both Carmina and Meermin worked for back in the days. The three companies has nothing to do with each other nowadays though. As late as in the 80’s Yanko was a giant, and made over a million pairs of shoes a year. The 90’s meant a heavy backlash, and the company went bankrupt later. Yanko’s bankrupt estate was purchased in 2007 by a group of businessman who had good experience in the shoe business, and they have slowly but surely built up the company again and their shoes today has a reputation of very good quality/price ratio. Goodyear welted, French smooth leathers and British suede, channeled soles and bevelled waist. All at a price of £240/€280.


One of the retailers that has helped to put Yanko back on the map is the webstore Skolyx, which will be here presenting Yanko and all their offerings from the brand. They have a wide range of stock models, some unique make-ups for the store, and also offer a patina service starting at £100/€120 extra and Made to Order which is £85/€100 upcharge from the base price.

Grain full brogues.

Penny loafers hand painted through Skolyx patina service.



*New shoe store*

Here we will add info about this very interesting store once it’s launched later this spring, and which will be a part of the London Super Trunk.




Shoe polish en masse.

Saphir is one of the leading premium shoe care product manufacturers in the world. The French brand is owned by Avel, which also has brands like Dasco and La Cordonnerie Anglais under their branch. The standard Saphir range holds a massive amount of products, everything from your regular shoe cream, wax polish, cleaners, impregnation sprays etc to more specialised products like leather dye or leather repair pastes.

From the factory. Picture: The World of Shoes

However, among shoe aficianados, they are most famous for their premium shoe care range Saphir Medaille d’Or. Named after the gold medal it received at the International Exhibition in Paris 1925 due to the high quality of the products. The creams and waxes are still today produced by the same recipe, and since then a number of other premium shoe care products has been added to the range. One of the new favorites that can be mentioned is the Mirror Gloss wax polish which makes it easier to achieve a real high gloss shine on the toe and heel of your shoes. All Medaille d’Or products contain only natural products:  bees wax, carnauba wax, essence of turpentine, lanolin, mink oil, neatsfoot, vegetal materials and so on.

The new mirror gloss shoe polish. Picture: Patine



Fred & Matt

Fred & Matt’s in their right habitat.

The Swedish based company Fred & Matt who has developed a new modern type of overshoe that’s increasing in popularity. The founders of Fred & Matt was not completely satisfied with the overshoe range that existed, and thought that one should be able to solve it in a better way. They got help from the Swedish designer Barbro Berlin and German shoe developer Klaus Pfalzgraf, and found a small shoe factory that would manufacture the product.

Modern overshoes.

Fred & Matt’s overshoes cover the whole shoe and have uppers made in a modern, functional textile with sealed seams, which together makes them completely waterproof, yet breathable. The soles are made of rubber and is more reminiscent of traditional galosches soles, but the rubber has a slightly different texture and is very hard wearing. They cost £110/€130. All those that have switched from the regular rubber galosches to Fred & Matt name the fact that they are more comfortable and more practical since they cover the whole shoe, as the main pros.

Red details.



Carl Friedrik

A more informal suitcase.

Carl Friedrik (recently rebranded from Oppermann London) was founded a few years ago by the two brothers Mattis and Niklas Oppermann. They produce minimalistic, elegant luxury leather bags and accessories produced in Italy from the finest Italian vachetta leather and Swedish vegetable tanned leather from the famous Tärnsjö tannery.

Full leather weekend bag.

The company has a pride in being completely transparent with their products, listing everything from which factory they work with to all suppliers of both leather and things like zippers and buckles. Since they only sell directly to the end consumer and don’t have the retail mark-up the products are seen as very affordable. Their elegant briefcases cost between £275/€320 and £450/€520 depending on model, and smaller accessories like card holders are around £60/€70.

Nude leather cardcase.





World Championships in Shoe Shining

Competition time.

This is a very special event. At 15.00 during the event day we invite you to follow the first ever World Championships in Shoe Shining in collaboration with Saphir, where the winner will receive a pair of shoes from Loake. During spring we’ll have a qualification round where people can send in a picture of a well polished shoe, from these a jury consisting of us organizers and representatives from Saphir and Loake will pick three finalists, who will battle it out during the London Super Trunk Show.

Jury checks the finalists work in the Swedish Championships 2016.

At the final, one Loake 1880 Aldwych in tan is to be polished as beautiful as possible. We’ll not only look at the highest shine, but the most beautiful polish work is rewarded. The finalists will have a can of Saphir Medaille d’Or Pate de Lux in the colour of choice, water, a brush, a polishing cloth and a nylon cloth, and they have 20 minutes to polish the shoe. During the three Swedish Championships that’s been held, all in the same way as this with the same shoe, it’s been some impressive results even if the time is very short. The winner will be titled the World Champion in Shoe Shining 2017, and gets to keep the shoe he (or she) has polished and its sibling.

The shoe that won in Sweden 2016.

The winning shoe 2015.



Panel discussion

In the evening at 18.00 at the small scene area there will be a panel discussion with three very interesting names from the industry, all with a lot of knowledge and experience, but with different history’s and experiences which hopefully will give a broad perspective on things. The headline of the discussion is the future for the market of classic shoes, and Simon Crompton who runs the men’s style site Permanent Style will moderate the discussion, which hopefully also will consist of a bunch of questions from you in the audience.

Tony Gaziano and Simpn Crompton, two who we’ll see during the panel discussion. Picture: Permanent Style

The panel will consist of Tony Gaziano, co-founder and owner of the famous premium RTW and bespoke shoemaker’s Gaziano & Girling, Chris Tan, Store Manager of one of Crockett & Jones‘ two Jermyn Street stores who has become a more and more important player in the company’s retailing business the past years, and Sarah Nelson, co-owner of the very succesful British online shop A Fine Pair of Shoes.

Chris Tan of Crockett and Jones.

Sarah Nelson of A Fine Pair of Shoes.


Once again, welcome to the London Super Trunk Show on Saturday May 13, come make it a day to remember!