Good pictures of new shoes I received from some of the top manufacturers are usually appreciated, so here’s a bunch on a new amazing pair from Japanese Hiro Yanagimachi.


This is my third pair from Hiro Yanagimachi, where we did some changes to the lasts. Here I do a Made to Measure/Semi bespoke where standard lasts are modified. Previously, I’ve had UK10.5 as a base last, which has been slightly long, so now Hiro took a UK10 as a base and put on more on width and other modifications, which turned out really good. The model is a nice quarter brogue derby with wing balmoral. Since I was looking for a pair of really nice shoes to wear in worse weather, they are made in a special, slightly oily leather with a fairly rough surface, which despite this can be shined quite well, and with a single Vibram rubber sole. Due to the rubber sole, the sole stitch is sewn with machine (is very complicated to stitch by hand in rubber soles), but hand welted as all Hiro’s shoes. Will wear these a lot!

Superb derby model.

Hiro Yanagimachi’s international last made a bit wider to fit my feet.

The leather is quite special, with a slightly oily character and rough surface. Should withstand wet weather excellent.

Note how the balmoral seam is “inverted”, where the brogueing is part of the lower side, not the quarter above. Gives a different feeling.

Unusually close-cut heels for being rubber soled shoes.

Machine made sole stitch…

… since the shoes are fitted with rubber soles. Vibram’s variant of Dainite sole. Hiro offers both, I chose Vibram’s as the thickness goes well with a single sole.