The store Skoaktiebolaget is currently running a big sale on numerous models in its range from, among others, Carlos Santos, Enzo Bonafé, Paolo Scafora and John Lobb Paris. Hurry though, the sale ends at 4PM CET today Saturday.

The sale started earlier this week, but there is still quite a lot of stuff left. Skoaktiebolaget, which usually is quite restrictive with sales, has now marked down a large number of models from a majority of their brands. It varies how many sizes that are left, sometimes only a few, but in relatively many cases there are still pairs left in many sizes.

Many Carlos Santos models are now reduced, several with many sizes left, like these nice austerity brogues.

Most of them are reduced by around 30% (sometimes up to around 40%), which means you can pick up a pair of Carlos Santos for about €200, a pair of Bonafés for €400, or a pair of John Lobb Paris (even Prestige) for €1,000. Shoe care from Burgol and a lot of accessories are also included. As mentioned, the sale ends today at 4:00 PM CET, so botanize quickly.

A pair of John Lobb Paris from the Prestige range for €1,000 (regular price €1,420) is not too bad.

Enzo Bonafé longwing painted by Dandy Shoe Care, now priced at €500.

Also one or two models from Skoaktiebolaget’s new brand Löf & Tung is reduced, for those who are interested in trying these. All pictures: Skoaktiebolaget