Finding Goodyear welted golf shoes of good quality is surprisingly difficult, the options are few and often difficult to access. The Swedish shoe store Lester realised this and developed its own collection of golf shoes made in Spain, under the name Fiddler.


Those who regularly plays 18-hole rounds knows how important the shoes are for the experience. First, it’s about having a sturdy shoe with a good grip on the surface, which allows you to have the control required during the swing. Secondly, they need to be comfortable so you can walk the many kilometers without discomfort, and they must withstand the wet conditions commonly found in the green grass.
Well-built Goodyear welted shoes can have all of the above characteristics, it was also the standard of golf shoes in the past, but nowadays it is more common with cheaper manufactured glued shoes, not seldom in synthetic materials. Those who make Goodyear welted golf shoes are easy to count, the biggest one is probably Allen Edmonds but they cost a lot outside the US, Cheaney had a nice but expensive line but has stopped producing them so hard to get a hold of today, and for exampl, there are some smaller Spanish and Italian brands that have it.

The two full brogue models on the left in the picture are on a slightly heavier round last, the three semi brogues to the right are on a somewhat more neat last.

The brothers Johan and Anders Håman who run the shoe shop Lester in Gothenburg, Sweden, are the golfer themselves, and have long been annoyed about the difficulty in finding good golf shoes. So, although it may not fully match the store’s focus on workwear shoes and boots, more casual Goodyear welted shoes and quality sneakers, they decided to develop their own line of high quality golf shoes, but at a reasonable price. They got the name Fiddler, inspired by their grandfather who was a violin maker in whose workshop the brothers spend a lot of time when they were young.

Double waxed leather sole with rubber wear parts makes the shoes very durable, and the nails are interchangeable.

Double waxed leather soles with rubber parts makes the shoes very durable, and the nails are interchangeable.

The shoes are made in Spanish Almansa, they are Goodyear welted, have double waxed leather soles with rubber wear parts that can withstand moisture very well, and for comfort, they have a padded heel. Of course, they have replaceable nails, these are ScorpionSTINGER soft spikes from one of the largest suppliers, Champ, so it’s easy to always change them when they are worn out. Five styles are offered, in two different last shapes. The price is €300 including shoe trees, which is a good price for shoes of this quality.

My favorite in the range is this brown semi brouwen. Two recent pictures: Lester

My favorite in the range is this brown semi brouge. Two last pictures: Lester

In connection with the development of golf shoes, Lester has come up with a line of regular, more casual, rugged models, starting at $ 200

When developing the golf shoes, Lester also made a range of regular, more casual,Goodyear welted models, starting at €220.