A couple of years ago, Loake launched a new top range called 1880 Export Grade, which was well received. Now they fill up the range with new models, including the brand’s first wholecut model ever.


British Loake is a very popular player when it comes to the entry segment for Goodyear welted shoes, not least their Northampton-produced range 1880. With the 1880 Export Grade, details in the construction was made finer, the selection of material higher, and new lasts were developed. They are only sold in Loake’s own stores and at selected retailers in individual important markets, such as in Sweden. A review of Loake 1880 Export Grade is available here.

The three leather options that the new Parliament wholecut is offered in.

What Loake themselves hit the big drum for now when they add a number of models and materials to the Export Grade series is the wholecut Parliament, which is Loake’s first wholecut ever. It is made on the chiseled Tower last, available in Onyx black, Antique brown and Antique Blue. We also have the new full brogue model Torrington in the same leather choices, as well as a plain cap toe oxford in new dark brown leather Roasted Coffee.

The nice brown shade Roasted Coffee makes its debut.

Full brogue x3. Pictures: Loake

For me, the main new thing is seen quickly in the film below, which is the fact that they finally decided to use leather board (leather dust mixed with glue and pressed together) heel stiffeners. Previously they have used celastic/plastic also for Export Grade, but now they finally take the step up to leather board, which shapes better to the foot. Price for Export Grade is at €410 / £350, except for the wholecut which costs €470 / £400.