For the second episode of the Shoegazing Podcast, I met the famous Japanese bespoke shoemaker Yohei Fukuda, who besides making some of the finest shoes in the world, also have been very successful with creating a brand image, something quite difficult especially for small bespoke shoemakers. It’s around this topic we focused our discussion.


Some shoes from Yohei Fukuda.

The first episode of the Shoegazing Podcast, which featured Skoaktiebolaget’s Patrik Löf talking about multi-brand men’s shoe stores, was very well received, something I’m very happy for. The programme today continues with this talk with Yohei Fukuda, one of the most celebrated bespoke shoemakers in the world today, who among other things shares his experience building the Yohei Fukuda Shoemaker brand and gives tips to others on what to think about when trying to make it as a bespoke shoemaker in today’s fierce competition.

The podcast can be listened to below, or at your preferred podcast player (note, if you were early following the podcast when the first episode was published, you may need to search for a different feed. Had to change main host due to technical reasons).

Yohei Fukuda.

For more about Yohei Fukuda, here’s a report published on the blog earlier, and here’s a large buyer’s guide (although not fully up to date).