Today it’s the world premiere of the Shoegazing Podcast, the first podcast in the world about classic shoes. In the first episode I interview Patrik Löf of the Swedish multi-brand shoe store Skoaktiebolaget, we talk about the latest but hopefully not the last golden years for classic shoes, about the challenges with tanneries who have started hiding defects on leathers, about the aim with their own brand Löf & Tung, and much more.


There’s a bunch of shoe podcasts out there, most focus on sneakers and similar. The lack of a podcast about welted quality men’s shoes and my background as a radio journalist, made it impossible to resist launching the Shoegazing Podcast. In this podcast series, which is in Englsih, I will do in-depth interviews with various shoe people from all over the world, where each episode will focus on a specific topic related to the interviewee. For this first edition, I sat down with Patrik Löf, founder and owner of the famous Swedish shoe shop Skoaktiebolaget, to talk about the journey they have been on and about the past, current and future situation for multi-brand men’s shoe stores.
Patrik Löf, one of two founders and owners of Skoaktiebolaget.

Patrik Löf, one of two founders and owners of Skoaktiebolaget. Picture: Skoaktiebolaget

The Shoegazing Podcast will be back after summer, with irregularly published episodes interviewing shoe people from Japan, England, France, Spain, Germany and so on. Follow the podcast on whichever pod platform you prefer, it’s available on for example Spotify, Apple iTunes Podcasts, Soundcloud, Soundtrap, Acast, Pocket Casts, Simplecast, etc (if you miss them on the podcast service you use, let me know, I look into adding it there. Direct RSS feed link here.), and of course from here on the blog, see below (everyone can listen here, and it also works with the mobile screen turned off).